Obituary: Charles Sila

Charles Sila passed the afternoon of Friday February 24 at Carle Bromenn.  He was a loving father and husband, navy veteran, and long-time business owner and pubic servant. Charles is survived by his wife Nadine, children Monica (Brian) Irwin and Karl Sila, brother Lee (Heidi) Sila, a niece and 6 grandchildren.  He was preceded by […]

Obituary: Justin Dodson On Thursday, March 7th,  the road rose up to meet Justin Scott Dodson on the next leg of his journey.   After battling ALS for 6 tough years, he quietly headed out, at home, in his big chair, with his wife and dog, under his own terms.    Justin was a US Army/Iraq war veteran, 100% […]

It shouldn’t cost a fortune when a loved one dies

I’ve wanted to print obituaries for a long time, funeral homes have ignored requests to refer grieving families here. People who lose a loved one shouldn’t get fleeced to get a noticed printed. The only obituaries I will print are ones that people request. These notices will create a digital story that can be shared […]