Remember the Student Walk out? (BHS)

By:  Diane Benjamin Students have every right to be upset when they are being slaughtered in their schools.  Funny how the outrage isn’t aimed at the law enforcement who waited outside the Florida High School instead of doing their job! Suddenly, students across the country wanted to hold a demonstration at 10:00 on March 14th.  […]

District 87 – Useless inspection

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve never understood the logic of scheduling an inspection if the intent is to see what it really happening.  Is the real reason to show complete compliance instead of reality? The email below is from the principal of BHS to all staff.   It was received by FOIA. “ROE Inspection” is Regional Office […]

Want to know why Mark Tititilli was fired?

By:  Diane Benjamin The School Board and Administration aren’t talking.  Mark has too much class.  Received by FOIA – from one of his students.  I’ve got LOTS more, including a cover sheet where the FOIA officer misspelled Marc’s last name in numerous places.  If you aren’t disgusted after reading, what does it take?  Maybe look […]

Motivation Required

I’m sitting here with a 4 inch stack of FOIA request to go through as well as numerous massive digital requests I just received.  I’ve got at least two huge investigations going without a State’s Attorney in sight willing to prosecute.   The Public Access office won’t acknowledge receiving a Request for Review I filed 3 […]

2A ALERT – March 24th Bloomington

Bloomington: 11:00 AM, History Museum, 200 Main CALL TO ACTION! Gun Owners Needed for Counter-demonstrations THIS SATURDAY! Illinois gun owners live their lives without thinking much about gun control – most of the time.  Right now though, Illinois gun owners see red with the passage of bills to ban common guns and standard-capacity magazines.  To […]

Say hello to Governor JB

By:  Diane Benjamin Bruce Rauner will not be able to recover.  In his acceptance speech he said Jeanne Ives ran a principled campaign.  He didn’t.  Illinois is much worse since Rauner has been governor, he doesn’t deserve 4 more years.  Besides the lies he told during the campaign, he is responsible for making Illinois a […]

Race Baiting Nikita Richards

By:  Diane Benjamin This post appeared today on Nikita Richard’s personal Facebook page: Facts matter Nikita.  You need some. Yes the victims in the first few bombing were black.  The victims of the trip wire bomb were both white.  The latest bomb was in a FedEx facility.  How is that targeting prominent Black families? […]

Grown men crying

By:  Diane Benjamin I wish video existed at Tom Hamilton’s last meeting of the Bloomington City Council.  I’m betting the accolades were so sugary sweet the then Council and mayor risked diabetes.  I’m betting nobody mentioned The Grove or the never used fire station or the unusable water tower built during his tenure.  I’m betting […]

Live Streaming tells the truth

By:  Diane Benjamin If local governments had not started Live Streaming meetings, the media would be your only source for information. So far I haven’t seen a word about Stan Nord speaking at the Normal Town Council meeting last night. Mr. Nord spoke about property he is trying to develop on West College.  He accused […]

Facts: Local jobs disappearing

By:  Diane Benjamin Last week the local media reported the low local unemployment rate.  Here’s an example from WJBC: They must be afraid to report the rest of the story: This chart is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics These numbers are the actual number of people employed – in thousands. In the […]

No Excuses – Vote tomorrow

If you are only voting on a referendum, you do not need to pick a party. County sample ballots available here: City of Bloomington sample ballot available here: Picking a party because the candidates you want to vote for are running in that party does NOT make you a registered anything.  Illinois doesn’t […]

Court: No justice

By:  Diane Benjamin In January I told you I had filed a lawsuit against the Town of Normal for a 3 1/2 hour Executive Session.  A check had been written to a consultants for more than $5000 labeled “planning session”.  Details here: Thursday was the first court date, Judge Foley dismissed the case.  Even though […]

Rent Payments and more Normal spending

By:  Diane Benjamin For approval Monday night: See page 14 for what “buy local” looks like:  Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, Amazon, etc etc – plus some others. Eating your money: Looks like a few more employees got free bus rides, who got the shirts? More money to non-profits, 2nd of 3 payments for the bike sharing […]

More on Uptown Circle

By:  Diane Benjamin Followup to yesterday’s story: As reported yesterday, this new building in Uptown has no tenants on the first floor.  The Town of Normal is renting the entire second floor: According to the Pantagraph from 7/4/2016: The town will lease 13,780 square feet of office space for 15 years, with renewal options, […]

Weekend fun – Sort of

Hum, Uptown Circle

By:  Diane Benjamin Memory Lane: Remember when Normal promised to pay Bloomington Landmark Development around $1,825,000 to bring Portillos to town? The documentation said Sales taxes will easily cover the cost in about 7 years: That was in December of 2016. Just over a year later Normal wrote a huge check to Bloomington Landmark […]

District 87-Run backwards

By:  Diane Benjamin Ever feel like people you elect to a local office, like alderman and trustees, don’t represent you? How about School Board members?  Who do they work for? In District 87 the people you elect to represent you don’t work for you. From the District 87 website: Does the Board use this […]

Jeanne Ives here FRIDAY

Jeanne Ives will be in Bloomington for a Meet and Greet Friday at 4:30. She will be at the Law Offices of Stivers and Gramm – 820 E Grove St until 6:00 If she loses on March 20th – say hello to a Democrat Governor in November.  Rauner has destroyed what little credibility he had left. […]

If you are voting GOP . . .

Evidently the Republican judge who did sit on the Appellate Court Fourth Judicial District died in office.  His death did not allow another candidate to gather signatures to replace him. The GOP is asking you to write in Pete Cavanagh – don’t forget to blacken the circle in front of the blank line. If he […]

Fly on the Wall: State Farm

Flying around, chatter was heard about Ed Rust returning to State Farm briefly to confront Tipsword and Senior Management on how they are handling things.  Word on the street is Rust was escorted out of the building. Lots of tears were shed yesterday when terminations reached Facilities personnel. Looks like local governments are in complete […]

Welcoming Ordinance emails

By: Diane Benjamin These emails were received by FOIA: I have many emails against the Welcoming Ordinance.  This one shows the thinking of people wanting the ordinance. If you believe government performs services better than the private sector, you are dead wrong.  The private sector has to compete for your business, government just taxes you […]

Bruce Rauner is a LIAR!

By:  Diane Benjamin I’m still running into people who have fallen for the lies the media is allowing Bruce Rauner to spew about Jeanne Ives! Ask yourself why she would run against Rauner if she is in Madigan’s pocket? Rauner gave Madigan everything he wanted: Income tax increase Illinois made a Sanctuary State taxpayer-funded abortions! […]

Real Police vrs Impostor

By:  Diane Benjamin Nobody in Illinois is allowed to act like a police officer without credentials.  Continuing education/training is also required. This is the State record for Robert Davies: I FOIA’d the same information for another part-time officer, Dustin Carter, Police Chief of Stanford. The purpose of this FOIA was to show you the difference […]

Mackinaw: Do Laws Matter?

By:  Diane Benjamin If you dressed up as a police officer and carried a gun and started writing tickets you would be in jail really fast. When Robert Davies does it for over 30 years, takes money from taxpayers, and qualifies for a pension, where is the outrage? A REAL police officer who worked for […]

EDC 2016 Tax Return

By:  Diane Benjamin How did the Economic Development Council lose $298.319 in 2015 and another $326,863 in 2016?  Spending more than they take in! From the 2016 tax return: With losses like their’s, what kind of help did they provide? We now know how much Kyle Ham was being paid in 2016:   PDF page 10 […]

Council fails again

By:  Diane Benjamin The majority of the Council thinks government creates prosperity.   The failure of the State of Illinois should be instructive, to them Illinois just isn’t doing it right. Congrats – you are getting another City employee with salary and benefits.  That makes 3 new downtown employees.  The Council failed to understand that past […]

Mackinaw: Impersonating an Officer?

By:  Diane Benjamin     This guy is Robert Davies. The Village of Mackinaw recently issued this Press Release:             The Press Release doesn’t say why just a few months ago Robert Davies was the Assistant Police Chief, not the Public Safety Administrator. I randomly picked the 5/8/17 Minutes.  They show […]

Budget Scam

By:  Diane Benjamin Tonight’s Bloomington City Council meeting contains a legally required Public Hearing on the budget. The FY 2019 Proposed Budget for all City funds is $207,894,653. The proposed budget is available for review here: I’m sure everybody has had time to read both books! I can tell you that roads have ZERO […]

Why City employees cost so much (revised)

By:  Diane Benjamin At tonight’s City Council meeting ratification of a contract for Sergeant and Lieutenants is on the consent agenda. They will be getting retroactive raises back to May 1, 2017: PDF page 92: PDF page 142 shows the previous contract wage increases were 1.5%. PDF page 149 still has Sick Leave Buy Back! […]

Council oblivious or just Renner?

By:  Diane Benjamin Documentation for the 7:00 pm meeting is 648 pages: The 5:00 pm meeting is only 35 pages: This item is on the agenda for discussion at the 5:00 meeting: Another City employee complete with benefits and pension! Then it gets funny because approval is on the Consent Agenda for the 7:00 […]

Monday: Bloomington’s spending spree:

By:  Diane Benjamin Bills and Payroll: This is a wire transfer – no other information is available.  Most likely it’s property downtown. The City is giving away more of your money: Remember when I reported on huge phone bills: Sprint charges weren’t included in that story.  The City has Verizon, Frontier, and now Sprint.   […]

No major cuts!

By:  Diane Benjamin Questions for the Council:  Last November you held a retreat.  EVERY program the City is forcing people to pay for was presented. See PDF page 34 and following: There are 15 pages of programs ranked from HIGH priority to Low priority. It looks like cutting programs died the day they were […]

Anybody smell Ham?

By:  Diane Benjamin So yesterday Kyle Ham’s resignation from the Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council was announced. Of course he went on the junket to DC, paid by taxpayers: It looks like him on the far left. The EDC gets their money from government, that would be your taxes.  They are totally unaccountable to you for […]

Weekend Fun – Sort of

Remember the pothole video?

By:  Diane Benjamin On February 20th, I filmed City employees dumping something in potholes on E Oakland and not tamping it down. See the video in this story: On March 2nd I filmed the same area looks – a mere 10 days later.  Obviously a pothole fail. Don’t forget:  The Bloomington City Council wants you […]

Your Tax Dollars at work

By:  Diane Benjamin More info at: One Voice in Washington DC begging for money – $1,600 each plus other expenses:

Durbin risks eternity for DNC

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve been waiting for the press to notice, evidently they don’t care. Senator Dick Durbin is a member of a Catholic church in Springfield.  He has been banned by the Diocese of Springfield from taking communion for his failure to protect unborn life. Evidently church teachings do matter! A vote was taken […]

Bloomington Budget Workshop Saturday

By:  Diane Benjamin Source for below: Tari Renner is the problem: Tari was elected in 2013.  That budget was already done. The Renner exploding budgets started in 2014. 2018 is the budget currently in place. Bloomington shows NO sign of understanding the local economy is declining.  They are planning to keep spending and fleecing. […]

Normal vrs Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal’s budget:   Bloomington’s proposed budget:   Normal is spending $1879.70 per resident. Bloomington is spending $2743.41 per resident Bloomington also has around twice as many employees with benefits and pensions that have to be funded. Which city will be filing for bankruptcy first? . . .    

If LA can’t get people on the bus, we can’t either

By:  Diane Benjamin While our city “leaders” are out in DC begging for money for Connect Transit they are ignoring facts. Tax dollars are being used by government to change YOUR behavior, in Los Angeles it’s not working and it won’t work here either. Source:   Connecting Dots Transit – Los Angeles Excerpts: Over the past […]

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