Catch a glimpse inside FOIA requests

By:  Diane Benjamin The Freedom of Information Act was created to insure citizens can obtain information about the government THEY pay for. All documents belong to citizens, not government.  There are a few exemptions to what can be withheld, but every FOIA request starts with the assumption documents are available to anybody who asks for […]

IDOT and Dan Brady

By:  Diane Benjamin Dan Brady is part of this story because he needs to fix this! I was contacted by a former IDOT employee about the abuse he continues to receive from one particular IDOT employee.  I talked to him a year or two ago and assumed the issues had been fixed.  They weren’t. This […]

The Carrillo/Crabill circus continues

By:  Diane Benjamin Jenn Carrillo makes up history and twists facts to fit her own agenda:  she wants democratic socialism.  She will tell you that democratic socialism is much different from just plain old socialism, but it isn’t.  Anybody who thinks government is capable of running your life better than you skipped civics and history. […]