Visual: Why the B-N decline will continue

By:  Diane Benjamin Government does not create prosperity.  Government can only function on money it steals from citizens. The pic below is from PDF page 194 of the Bloomington financial statements: 10 years ago 4 of the top 10 employers were government, in 2018 it is 5 of 10.  The only government agency […]

Stan Nord running for Normal Town Council

Press Release November 18, 2018 Stan Nord to run for Normal Town Council  Stan Nord is pleased to announce his candidacy for Normal Town Council in the consolidated election on April 2nd, 2019.  He has prepared the necessary filings and is excited to start the campaign process. He looks forward to presenting his views on […]

The media won’t report this!

By:  Diane Benjamin Long time readers know the former Coliseum managers would issue their financial statements, and then the auditor would issue theirs.  The media always reported the CIAM numbers but never the audited numbers. Audited losses were much higher! The media is continuing to report fake news because the audited number from VenuWorks aren’t […]

Ward 4 Amelia Buragas

By:  Diane Benjamin I don’t think Amelia has said if she plans to run again.  Somebody needs to challenge her!  She’s never met a government program or tax increase she didn’t approve of.  You still have time to get on the ballot.  Contact the Bloomington Election Commission in the Government Center. Amelia is the one […]

Normal taxing again!

By:  Diane Benjamin Just a few bills being paid Monday night:   Last year around 400 employees all got $60 Target gift cards for Christmas: ________________________________ Proving yet again you don’t really own your property in Normal: Normal wants to tax you for short-term rental of your house! Can’t sell because your house […]