FOIA email: Jeff Fritzen

By: Diane Benjamin This email was received by FOIA. Although long, it has lots of good information you probably didn’t know – like the Town of Normal “settled” for Chick-fil-A. I wonder if this company that racks in tax dollars for Normal know? Remember, the Council pre-election voted 6-1 against High Haven. After the election […]


By: Diane Benjamin Does the local ACLU agree with mutilating children? Putting them on puberty blockers that can make them infertile for life? A VERY HIGH percentage of kids who are convinced by social media they are trans outgrow it. Kids should not be guinea pigs in a science experiment. This is evil. If the […]

Is Public Works sending a message?

By: Diane Benjamin The streets and sidewalks presentation from Monday night is now online: PDF page 2 states Bloomington has 842 Lane Miles (streets). Below is the same graphic I posted earlier, except this one is readable – PDF page 12: From 1995 to 2022 Bloomington resurfaced a total of 359.6 lane miles. 27 […]

Inflation Is Good for Government!

By: Diane Benjamin A couple more things from Bloomington’s Monday meeting: Jeff Jurgen, who was promoted to the 2nd Assistant City Manager has a base pay of $186,134. With benefits the total is $234,297: An employee now with the State’s Attorney’s office has been hired to replace Jurgens as Corporate Attorney – Christopher Spanos. […]

Also at Bloomington last night: Streets and Sidewalks

By: Diane Benjamin The report presented last night is supposed to be on-line, so far I don’t see it. Instead of posting reports before meetings, staff likes showing slides that are frequently barely readable on the screen. The presentation was very comprehensive! If you want to know about the roads and sidewalks, watch the whole […]

Is it purposely difficult to read?

By: Diane Benjamin I would snip this graphic, but you would think I made it difficult to read on purpose. See the original source: How much did Unit 5 pay to create flyers they could easily make themselves? (and be readable) I have a tons of thoughts on this, I’d rather hear yours. […]

Bloomington: If the project isn’t feasible, we will pay

By: Diane Benjamin The City of Bloomington has had other opportunities to unload the old Coachman Hotel property. They didn’t like what the buyer wanted to do with the property so they refused to sell it. Tonight the council will consider a different development project. This agreement included a small parcel the taxpayers paid $95,000 […]

“Professional staff” need redacting lessons

By: Diane Benjamin Normal’s “professional staff” redactions – one completely redacted the other one not. Both on-line comments support approving High Haven. I redacted the email address on the first one, staff redacted the name and email address on the second. Why were they treated differently? Because staff is protecting the second person? Normal doesn’t […]

Need proof Normal Trustees work for the TOWN?

By: Diane Benjamin Karyn Smith submitted a long list of questions to Pam Reece concerning the agenda for the May 1st meeting. Pam Reece responds to her questions are in yellow. Of course watching a meeting won’t reveal any of these answers, citizens might actually have the same ones. Questions are all completed before meetings […]

Hilarious Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin I’m paging through a FOIA I received with communication concerning the two recently approved cannabis dispensaries. Most emails in support of approving the special use permits have the name of the supporter illegally redacted. Those opposed don’t. Emails are no different than appearing at Public Comment, therefore names can not be redacted. […]

Bloomington met – minus Gleason and Mboka

By: Diane Benjamin Since this Committee of the Whole wasn’t scheduled to set up future spending, the heavy hitters didn’t have to be there to cheerlead the agenda. The Police Department presented their annual report followed by the Fire Department. See the police presentation here: I did learn something new about guns. Criminals are […]

Unit 5 is hiring Marxists:

By: Diane Benjamin Dr. Shelvin must believe people of color can not succeed without you paying to “empower disenfranchised communities”. She’s black and successful, how did she do it? DEI pays well – $35 an hour. I enjoy the leftist names for teaching Marxist ideology: Freedom School. Unit 5 doesn’t currently have “quality instruction”? Freedom […]

Short meetings and no discussion is back in Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin I’m excited because I can now just write the same story after every meeting: Everything passed, nothing was questioned. Citizens of Normal should know they have no representation. Trustees are elected to represent you, the ones in office now represent the Town. Everything is great! Normal is a wonderful place to live! […]

Remember MICA? Plus your dollars paying INTEREST

By: Diane Benjamin Normal doesn’t bid the cost of comprehensive insurance because they are a member of MICA who supposedly bids it for them. See this story from last year: Normal has never bid coverage themselves, so how do they know they can’t get it cheaper? Normal has been using MICA since 1985. Evidently […]

Nobody elected in Normal will care, but do you?

By: Diane Benjamin According to Illinois law when property owned by government is leased the lessee pays the property taxes: The Edgar County Watchdogs did a story with lots of other details: Tonight Normal is paying property taxes, actually they pay the bills before Council votes because Council is immaterial: PDF page 12 […]

Didn’t watch the video? See just this part:

By: Diane Benjamin More to this story: Bloomington’s own Sonny Garcia proved he is evil – just hit play below. Does his girlfriend County Board member Krystle Able agree? You should know that taxpayers were forced to fund pay this clown, first through wages and now pension. From

DeSantis Derangement Syndrome

Kev Phares (Cities 92.9) interviews protestors in Peoria, of course they claim he has to have a press badge. Free speech isn’t allowed by some of the protestors. These people must not know DEMOCRATS re-elected Ron DeSantis. The “Don’t Say Gay Bill” doesn’t exist, these people haven’t heard the truth and won’t because of #FakeMedia. […]

Gov. Pritzker: Sign HB 3337 today!

By: Diane Benjamin Proving Democrats represent government and not citizens, HB 3337 passed both houses in Springfield. Once Pritzker signs this bill – written only for the Town of Normal which is illegal – Koos will have the right to pass an ordinance changing Trustees from elected to appointed. Read it yourself: Democrats pretend […]

Sarah Bonner infamy is State-wide

By: Diane Benjamin Bonner is the Heyworth teacher who was forced to resign after making porn available to her students. A friend sent me an op-ed that featured Bonner – see page 2: The writer found it ironic that she was forced to resign because of the materials she made available to students while […]

Normal Police Sued and THEY DESERVE IT

By: Diane Benjamin Remember this story? Normal Police man-handled an 18 year old ISU student in an attempt to grab her phone after she voluntarily came to the the station after a fire in her apartment building. An attempt to get a warrant to search her phone was denied by a judge because they […]

Congrats Bloomington!

By: Diane Benjamin What did Bloomington do right? The audio and video of the council meeting actually synced last night! Even with 3 proclamations the entire meeting was less than an hour. I don’t remember council approval for moving any offices to the government center, they just appeared there. If the HUB was approved I […]

Unit 5 discriminating based on skin color

By: Diane Benjamin Instead of educating students, Unit 5 is using skin color to determine discipline. They are promoting the idea that deviant behavior is okay for some because they aren’t capable of socially acceptable behavior like following directions and not terrorizing other students. Are grades based on skin color too? Schools should offer equal […]