Chemberly pulls out the race card

By: Diane Benjamin This agenda item made last night’s Normal Town Council meeting last almost 3 hours: Ordinance Rezoning Property in the Town of Normal (4.14 Acres in the Wintergreen Subdivision) This is Jason Barickman’s company (Fairlawn Capital) plan to build houses that will most likely be rentals. The more than 100 houses will be […]

This Labor Day vow to vote NO to Amendment 1

By: Diane Benjamin The citizens of Illinois saw truth by defeating a progressive income tax. Citizens now need to defeat Amendment 1 that only hands power to government unions. Note: The Constitutional Amendment that needs passed is a fix the pension system in Illinois. Pension debt is easily over $300 BILLION. Defined benefit programs will […]

Village of Normal made up their own facts

By: Diane Benjamin I’ve seen a copy of what David Shestokas filed Friday with the Circuit Court. I could review the court cases Normal listed to support their position, but that would be tedious on a holiday weekend. Let’s just say Shestokas rips their ruling to shreds. Can we agree what Koos and company wrote […]

More proof the Village needs Districts

By: Diane Benjamin Normal ignores their taxpayers as evidenced by their ridiculous Public Comment policy meant to discourage citizens from speaking. It’s long past time for some non-violent civil disobedience. Sign up for Public Comment for an agenda item and then talk about Village abuse instead. Video of Koos cutting off citizens while speaking is […]

Tonight! 7:00

By: Diane Benjamin There were even more people at yesterday’s hearing than at the first meeting. Of course tonight’s meeting won’t be Live Streamed, so you need to be there. Standing Room only would send a powerful message! I will be there filming. Please help fund David Shestokas! All donations are being deposited in an […]

2023 Local Elections: April 4

By: Diane Benjamin I am convinced Illinois has local elections so close to national elections to discourage voting. It works! Turnout is dismal. In Bloomington only 21.89% of voters showed up for the 4/6/2021 election. That was higher than usual because a mayor was being elected. The rest of the County turnout was 20.32%. Both […]

3:00 TODAY

By: Diane Benjamin This is another round in Normal’s effort to not allow their citizens a choice. Koos and company do not want you to be able to decide if Trustees should be elected At-Large or in Districts. Government closest to the people is the most representative government. Obviously Normal doesn’t want you to have […]

Dullard needs to pay!

By: Diane Benjamin Patrick Dullard continued to question signatures until the County Clerk’s office closed yesterday. Attorney David Shestokas objected to everything Dullard stated, DULLard didn’t care. His effort was a complete waste of time because his objection can not be amended. He didn’t challenge correctly the first time, he’s finished. Therefore: He should get […]

Year End: Connect Transit

By: Diane Benjamin See what CT spent on solar panels in June: $654,088.77 Year end numbers for 6/30/2022: Look at the amount of local dollars you are forced to pay for the privilege of having empty buses wreck the roads. $760,000 + $423,333 = $1,183,333. All of those other numbers are taxes too. Those numbers […]

Ride the bus for free in September

By: Diane Benjamin This was posted to the Bloomington Public Library Facebook page. Connect Transit wouldn’t exist without massive amounts of tax dollars, now they will sacrifice a few bucks to try to get riders. All you need is a library card. Expect to see full buses everywhere! 😎

Koos is showing his desperation!

By: Diane Benjamin Tomorrow Koos and company are convening the Normal Election Commission at the McLean County Clerk’s office to verify signatures of over 2200 people collected to put a Yes or No question on the November ballot concerning electing Trustees by Districts. Normal: You mayor thinks it is legal to pay Town staff to […]

Continuing 4H

By: Diane Benjamin The most important thing right now is holding the County Board to only $30,000 in funding for Extension. There is something seriously wrong this organization, participants in 4H are far less than half of just 10 years ago, and Extension is sitting on huge reserves. Local 4H groups are largely self funded, […]

Voting for Dan Brady? I’m not!

By: Diane Benjamin Dan Brady spent years in the leadership of the ILGOP. He is part of the reason Republicans are a super minority in Illinois. He makes sure Republicans don’t inspire anyone to vote for them. My large disappointment with Brady goes all the way back to 2010. State Senator James Meeks (D) led […]

Fly on the Wall: Unit 5

Did Normal West High School really spend the entire first day of school in EVERY class reviewing pronouns? Maybe rename the school to Normal Woke West. No education, no syllabus review, just propaganda. Unit 5 need more money however.

The Hearing Video

By: Diane Benjamin The hearing was short. The two Public comments are in the third video, if you watched them from yesterday’s story you can skip through them. They aren’t the entire video. If you want to see what happened, now you can:

Remember the giveaways to redevelop CII East?

By: Diane Benjamin See this story is you forgot: That story is from last April. I was in Downtown Bloomington yesterday. Many of the roads are new, the flowers pots are gorgeous, and the raised beds have actually been taken care of. I don’t see why downtown needs a streetscape plan since by day […]

Koos delayed everything

By: Diane Benjamin Kevin McCarthy didn’t bother to show up so the commission is Koos and the Clerk. Maybe Kevin knows Dullard doesn’t have a case and doesn’t want to look stupid voting with Koos. Essentially Koos doesn’t want the referendum and Angie Hounker won’t vote against him if she wants to keep her job. […]

Bloomington tonight 8-22-2022

By: Diane Benjamin FYI: Committee of the Whole meeting information from 8/15/2022 is missing from the City website. Tonight: The mayor continues to reappoint the same people to Boards and Commissions, tonight the Transportation Commission. As a comment here stated – Renner is still running the City. Spending more of the free money that […]