Normal is buying 2 Rivian vehicles and NOT telling you the cost

By: Diane Benjamin PDF page 69: Remember when Pam Reece claimed buying these vehicles was not in the 5 year budget? Ha Ha. Remember the Vehicle and Equipment Replacement Fund where they stockpile your money so they can pay cash? Remember when they decided to LEASE 30 vehicles instead of paying cash? Remember […]

UPDATE: Ever heard of CO2 Pipelines?

A CO2 pipeline in Mississippi did break: A reader emailed me that landowners in McLean County have been contacted about allowing CO2 to be stored in rock beneath their property. NONE have agreed to this scheme. Another reader told me a leak could affect the Mahomet Aquifer. By: Diane Benjamin If you haven’t you […]

Vote NO: Amendment 1

By: Diane Benjamin Reforming pensions should be the Constitutional amendment on the November 8th ballot. It isn’t, that is more than enough reason to vote NO on the amendment that is on the ballot. Pension debt keeps rising as it eats at least 25% of the State budget. Fixing pensions isn’t ever a priority! The […]

Unit 5 tax increase – fewer students!

By: Diane Benjamin Enrollment last year: Unit 5 just posted the new enrollment: 197 fewer students, but they need more money. Did you know Income Inequality is higher in Blue States than Red? Before voting on Unit 5’s demand for more money, see what they did with the money they already have: That […]

Did Julie Emig quit Council?

By: Diane Benjamin Julie Emig hasn’t showed up now for two meetings in a row. Ward 4 had no representation last night or on September 26. Maybe that’s why the minutes from 9/26/2022 were not on the agenda for approval. Yes, the meeting had to be a record for SHORT. The Clerk continued to not […]

Seen the latest on Green Top Grocery?

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader A reader gave me a multi-page Green Top ad that came with the newspaper. She told me she’s never seen them do an ad like this before. It rivals what Kroger or Jewel does. Have the investors seen a return on their investment yet? Besides ridiculous prices like this […]

Bloomington tonight: No celebrating the national holiday

By: Diane Benjamin Packet: Very light agenda even though the packet is 884 pages. If you are looking for the new contract with workers at the Coliseum and BCPA it is buried on page 848. The pages after go back to water treatment plant chemical systems treatment improvements – $1,510,850. The council will approve […]

Socialist Krystle Able

By: Diane Benjamin Like a lot of people running for office Krystle attempts to act normal and caring until the election is over. She’s currently running for County Board. h/t a reader One more: , I wonder if Krystle knows Hitler was a socialist? (The Nazi Party, officially the National Socialist German Workers’ Party) How’s […]

The debate:

By: Diane Benjamin If you didn’t watch last night you can watch the debate here: My take: Bailey wants to repeal the Safety Act, Pritzker claimed he was open to modifications but didn’t specify any. Police unions across the State are supporting Bailey, State’s Attorneys continue to file lawsuits to stop implementation on January […]

Every Illinois voter now has internet!

By: Diane Benjamin Remember all those horror stories of kids camped outside restaurants and public buildings so they could learn during COVID school shutdowns because they didn’t have internet at home? You either have received or will receive a postcard from the Illinois Secretary of State about Amendment 1: Remember when you used to get […]

Governor debate tonight – 7:00

By: Diane Benjamin The first debate between Bailey and Pritzker is happening tonight. It will be broadcast on Channel 31 WBDB: There are three ways viewers can watch the debate when it begins at 7 p.m. Thursday — broadcasted on WMBD, on, or on the CIProud 2 Go mobile app. Nexstar stations throughout Illinois will also be broadcasting the event. […]

Apply at Connect Transit!

By: Diane Benjamin Bus routes are being trimmed because Connect Transit doesn’t have enough drivers. Will Bloomington and Normal be getting rebates since they aren’t getting the service they paid for? 😎 See the job description here: Read all the way down to to bottom before applying however: . . . .

Unit 5 Vote YES group using fuzzy math

By: Diane Benjamin See Unit 5’s state report card here: Graduation rate is 90% 35% need Community College remediation 30% of 8th Graders pass Algebra 1 26% are chronically truant (90% graduate?) Unit 5 is currently spending $12,000 per student. Unit 5 now wants a tax increase expected to raise $20,000,000. h/t a reader: […]


By: Diane Benjamin Two topics were discussed during Normal’s 5:00 pm Work Session: the Underpass lighting and north side aesthetics plus this one: Funding a Housing Navigator Bloomington heard the details awhile back and hasn’t voted, Monday it was Normal’s turn. It was stated by Kathleen Lorenz that Bloomington-Normal is currently short 4300 places to […]

Sometimes you have to laugh!

By: Diane Benjamin Guess what this is: That is a picture from a new ELECTRIC Connect Transit bus. It holds 5 gallons, enough for 1 day. When the batteries can’t supply enough heat the buses will be keeping passengers warm with fossil fuels! Now see this story, h/t a reader: How Temperature Affects Electric […]

Consequences for Normal

By: Diane Benjamin When Judge Kording announced the Town of Normal was an “incorporated town” he also stated he knew this ruling would have consequences. It does! Keep in mind the ONLY reason Normal now has a problem is because the elites didn’t want voters to decide if they wanted Trustees elected by districts instead […]

Connect Transit: Record losses!

By: Diane Benjamin PDF page 8: July 2022 PDF page 15: August 2022 Fixed Route ridership was down in August by .04% from the same month last year/ Mobility ridership was up 45% during the same time period, of course the policy changed so the price on either is the same. Video of the meetings […]

Believe in ballot Access? Prove it

By: Diane Benjamin Illinois makes it difficult for political parties other than Democrats and Republicans to have ballot access. Parties like the Libertarians have to collect many more signatures than either of the others. It isn’t fair and it sure isn’t “democracy”. If you want to see how Illinois discriminates against 3rd parties, see this […]

Zoning in Normal: Equal enforcement?

By: Diane Benjamin There is a severe housing shortage locally. Chris Koos is planning on welcoming between 50 and 250 illegal aliens here anyway. Where does that authority come from? Is Koos “compassion” is really to get more funding for his underpass? Where are they going to live? Who is paying the expenses? The elected […]

Donna Boelen is running for re-election

PRESS RELEASE: September 28, 2022 This is to announce my intention to run for re-election in the 2023 ConsolidatedElection as Alderman representing Ward 2, located in the Southwest region of theCity of Bloomington. My focus is and has been fiscal responsibly and sensible stewardship of taxpayer dollars. I acknowledge that the role of municipal government […]

Report from Normal’s Planning Session:

By: Diane Benjamin Karl Sila attended this meeting: Karl is circulating petitions to run for Trustee on the Normal Council. He sent this report to me, staff has scrapped all previous planning for projects that haven’t been started yet. That includes subleasing the ridiculous rent for the second floor of 1 Uptown Circle. Normal […]

Before you vote:

By: Diane Benjamin 3 HUGE issues you need to consider before you vote: (other issues later) 1) The SAFE-T act is a pro-criminal bill passed by Illinois Democrats and signed by Gov. Pritzker. It will increase crime across Illinois. Any candidates that don’t REJECT this bill don’t need your vote. A DEMOCRAT State’s Attorney has […]