WOW! So close Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin If only they had spent a little more on consulting and architects for bus stops, they could have made it to $1,000,000 lost in ONE MONTH: Cost per trip is now a whooping $9.26, last April it was $3.30. Cost for Connect Mobility is far worse:  $117.13 per rider.  Last year it […]

BNWRD – Fees going up

By:  Diane Benjamin The Bloomington Normal Water Reclamation District (BNWRD) Board is holding a meeting on April 13.  The agenda does not reflect any changes to how the meeting will take place because of social distancing. On the agenda:    BNWRD Brd Packet 4-13-20 BNWRD charges appear monthly on the water bills of any residence […]