Tri-Valley: your future

By: Diane Benjamin Of course nothing is on line about presentations last night. I did attend and told them again I wanted the board packets on-line, I was asked if I wanted all 120 some pages. Duh. One board member said she looked at Unit 5 and District 87 and Tri-Valley was giving the same […]

Bloomington Taxpayers liable

By:  Diane Benjamin Of course the Bloomington City Council passed everything Tari Renner wanted last night.  It’s all going to be great.  Public Comment was stacked with former officials and friends of government who proclaimed the $1,400,000 land purchase brilliant, the east side TIF brilliant, and the downtown hotel brilliant.  Except for the one guy […]

City of Bloomington: Finances

From page 179 of the Annual Financial Report: Debt per Capita (Citizen) 2012   $1,307.07 2011   $ 1,214.69 2010  $ 1,276.32 Finances getting better?  Yes, but at who’s expense? From page 180: General Bond Debt In 2003 bond Debt Outstanding per Capita  $ 325.60 In 2012 bond Debt Outstanding per Capita   $ 887.16 It […]