Normal: Truth in Taxation is MIA

By: Diane Benjamin Agenda for tonight: From the current Budget: The Town of Normal collects taxes from you supposedly to amass money that allows them replace vehicles with cash. They are sitting on more than $12 million dollars. Remember the fire truck they took out a loan to buy instead of paying cash? […]

Normal: Bait and Switch

By: Diane Benjamin While Bloomington is trying to pay cash for purchases instead of borrowing for capital expenses, Normal is running in the opposite direction. The Town of Normal stockpiles money in reserves, the applicable fund for this discussion is Vehicle and Equipment reserves. Obviously citizens in Normal are paying higher taxes so the Town […]

UPDATE Spending leftovers

  The packet is labeled Consent Agenda, it was on the regular agenda. The presentation made a good case for buying it. By:  Diane Benjamin Page 170 of the packet:  Packet 2-8-16 Leftover money must be spent! Hales and Renner  compartmentalized spending on purpose.  Hence, this compartment got too much, so it’s free money! Buying […]