Lawmakers Issued License Plates That Make Them ‘Invisible’ To Traffic Cams And Parking Tickets

from the and-yet,-reps-complain-about-the-public’s-cynicism dept There are rules for the common people and rules for their “leaders,” and only in rare cases do the same rules cover both. Chris Morran at the Consumerist points out how politicians (yet again) are being allowed to ignore the same laws that affect their constituents. Colorado legislators are immune from speeding tickets and […]

Elected Officials Are Fundamentally Dishonest

This letter appeared in the Newtown Bee: To the Editor: This letter was forwarded to Barack Obama, John Boehner, Chris Murphy, Dick Blumenthal, Elizabeth Esty, and Harry Reid I live in Sandy Hook, CT. My family and close friends weren’t harmed on December 14. That day impacted 26 families with an indescribable, staggering pain […]

Government as Santa

By JOSEPH G. LEHMAN | Dec. 25, 2012 | (Editor’s note: A version of this commentary appears in the Winter 2011 issue of Impact, the Mackinac Center’s quarterly newsletter.) Why is it that most people eventually abandon the idea of Santa Claus … and yet so many never abandon belief in an omnipotent government? Santa Claus is magic. His […]