Bloomington Council tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin The only item not on the Consent Agenda for tonight is forming a Technology Committee.  Alderman Mathy has been pushing for it. I have no idea why it is needed.  Currently budgeted for Information Services is $3,290,386, that is up from $2,652,090 just two years ago.  PDF page 158: Maybe this […]

Bloomington Citizens get to Fund Rent

By:  Diane Benjamin At last night’s Bloomington City Council meeting subsidizing rent in the renovated old Junior High on E Washington was approved.  The subsidy will be coming from the General Fund, not TIF income.  The amount approved was $228,720 over 10 years. Economic Development Coordinator Austin Grammer stated the Comprehensive Plan calls for affordable housing […]

Are they really this clueless?

By: Diane Benjamin The Bloomington City Council is holding a Committee of the Whole Monday night.  Before Tari, the Council didn’t have 4 Council meetings a month and an additional meeting in between.  Think the endless hours of meetings have something to do with the spending being out of control – of course it does!  […]

UPDATE: PCard Fraud and CITY Policy

Tari Renner signed the form agreeing to comply with the PCard policy:  Renner PCard forms Is he going to turn in his PCard voluntarily since he has violated the policy numerous times?  Is the Council going to let him get by with it?  Are rules just for everybody but Tari? __________________________________________________ By: Diane Benjamin Did […]