Weekend Wrap

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday Steve Vogel’s Saturday column was published, maybe next week he can explain it.  It served no useful purpose.  It wasn’t even entertaining.  He rattled something about Illinois never seeing Presidential candidates.  Must be jealousy.  Mentioned were Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Carson, Rubio, Huckabee, and Santorum.  Jeb is polling so low, Stevie must […]

Update: Newcom: One of the good guys

Lee passed away today.   Keep his family in your prayers.   Lee is now enjoying heaven!   by:  Diane Benjamin The former McLean County Recorder, Lee Newcom, is dying from cancer.  I don’t want to wait until he is gone to say what needs to be said. Lee was a true Public Servant.  He […]

Is anybody surprised by the Pantagraph?

by Diane Benjamin It should be no surprise that Sunday the Pantagraph printed an “unbiased” editorial from Kathy Michael on eliminating the Recorder position.  Today they issued their opinion that supports hers, if you read between her lines. The truth is – both offices should be appointed.  Voters are not capable of knowing the position […]

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