Connect Transit – More riders, huge loss

By: Diane Benjamin Total Revenue: Bigger loss: Not included in this loss are new electric buses: Fixed route ridership is up: Mobility ridership is up: See PDF pages 17-24 for a list of all bills pending in Springfield as reported by Cornerstone Government Affairs who was hired by Connect Transit to track them. If you […]

The Connect Transit Fleece

By:  Diane Benjamin The below numbers are un-audited, but they do show an entire year’s worth of taxpayer abuse.  Has anybody else noticed the bus windows are tinted darker now?  I wonder if it’s an attempt to hide the emptiness? Should we celebrate they lost $1.2 million less than budgeted?  Roads won’t be fixed because […]

Empty buses! Buy more.

By:  Diane Benjamin The Year End for Connect Transit was June 30th.  Instead of presenting an un-audited statement of revenue and expenses for June, they skipped it. The packet does show total expenses, but that’s only because the Board had to approve payments. Payments include:       Income in June of the previous […]