Yet another rejected Letter to the Editor

By:  Diane Benjamin I thought about writing on this topic, but posted it on Facebook instead.  Sunday the Pantagraph had an Editorial:  Newspapers are proud of what they do. This was in the first paragraph: We use different vehicles, but we’re all committed to the same thing: Sharing stories and information about the people and […]

Fly on the Wall – Pantagraph

Heard last night on 60 Minutes:  The New Orleans newspaper, that has been publishing for 175 years, is down to 3 days a week.  The same people own the Cleveland newspaper-they will be next. How long will the Pantagraph survive?  Maybe quality news will take it’s place!  

Handwriting On The Wall: Print Dailies Lose Readers And Influence

Source: A sobering update on the dying newspaper industry and the desperation among those newspaper giants that are losing their crowns, their kingdoms, their influence and their purpose reports that a media company just sold its Tampa newspaper outright for a 98% markdown.  Why? The media company wants out of the newspaper business. And it’s a growing […]