The next shot in the Illinois-ObamaCare scandal

          If you missed the previous post: Adam Andrzejewski Founder, Source: Implementing ObamaCare by Outsourcing Illinois Jobs to India CHICAGO- While everyone debates the policy points of ObamaCare, few understand that billions of dollars in IT contracts are wrapped inside the law. To meet federal mandates, states must upgrade […]

Manager of the ‘City That Outsourced Everything’ Says Privatization Can Help Michigan

Residents happy and officials in Sandy Springs, Ga., get re-elected with huge margin By JARRETT SKORUP | June 7, 2013 | When Sandy Springs, Ga., became the “city that outsourced everything” in 2005, it did it out of necessity. Today, the town of about 100,000 residents has great roads, a state of the art traffic system, award-winning parks, and has funded […]

Managed Competition – call it what it is!

by:  Diane Benjamin The employees of the City of Bloomington have no idea if their jobs are secure because of Steve Stockton, the City Council, and David Hales.  Managed Competition is nothing more than outsourcing.  It makes good sense if the private sector can do the job cheaper than City employees, but the way the […]