Bloomington: Here’s what you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin Bloomington spends a fortune on Information Technology: PDF page 165 . Spending MILLIONS of dollars every year should mean first class access to data. It doesn’t! Bloomington doesn’t know how many landlords were forced to pay bills for tenants a previous City Council said they didn’t have to pay. Bloomington doesn’t […]

Just an estimate: Water bills Bloomington sent Landlords

By: Diane Benjamin While waiting for Bloomington to comply with yet another FOIA on water bills I stumbled across this story: The Finance Director is on video detailing in June of 2021 how many water bills were more than 60 days past due. He also detailed how many were past due pre-COVID. Magically when […]

The Public Comments I’ve been waiting for!

By: Diane Benjamin There has been a moratorium on evictions for around a year now. There are local landlords who haven’t received rent for that long. Even though assistance is available, some renters have decided to live for free instead instead of doing the paperwork. Worse, the City of Bloomington is attempting to collect past […]

Hales October Report:

By:  Diane Benjamin The October City Manager’s report is now on-line: Miller Park Zoo Revenue from admissions was up 13.3% for the current fiscal year. Last year, the revenue from admissions broke the all-time record for the Zoo in a fiscal year. This represents the fourth consecutive year the all-time attendance revenue record was […]