Did Commerce Bank go Woke and Broke or is Uptown not the place to be?

By: Diane Benjamin The Commerce Bank location at 104 Broadway in Uptown Normal is closing in just a few days. If you have never heard of ESG scores, it is here and detrimental to everything American. Start getting informed here: https://marketbusinessnews.com/financial-glossary/esg-definition-meaning/ Large corporations are being forced to adopt ESG. Commerce Bank is all in: https://www.commercebank.com/about-us/corporate-social-responsibility/esg […]

Riveting assemblage tonight in Normal?

By: Diane Benjamin Keep in mind many of Normal’s professional staff don’t live in Normal: https://blnnews.com/2020/12/14/guess-where-town-of-normal-employees-dont-live/ They have no reason to keep taxes low, make the roads drivable, or the water drinkable. The Council will be meeting at 5:15 to hear the status of the underpass project. Public opinion is immaterial. The fanciest properties will […]

Normal’s illegal public comment policy

By:  Diane Benjamin This is a link to Town of Normal policy:  http://il-normal.civicplus.com/854/Addressing-the-Council The Attorney General’s office needs to hear from a lot of you today.  The policy is illegal and violates the Open Meetings Act.  The AG is required by law to resolve all Requests of Review within 60 days.  The ONLY way to […]

More on the Portillo consequences

By:  Diane Benjamin The Motel 6 is being torn down to make way for yet another restaurant.  Last year they paid $38,462.80 in property taxes.  The taxable value was $451,106 meaning the market value was about $1.5 million.  http://mcleanil.devnetwedge.com/view/RE/1426179019/2015 What is the new restaurant going to pay in property taxes?  Less than a hotel? It […]