TEA Party 101-this is why

US Senate-3 Years without a budget

Maybe they just don’t want it in writing:

Illinois State University: Left Wing Ideology?

As a graduate of ISU, I receive a monthly magazine from the school.  Normally it is filled with inspiring stories of alums and their accomplishments.  The May 2012 edition has a story by Tom Nugent who is either pushing an agenda or is truly clueless.  I am appalled the school printed an obviously biased and […]

United Nations Flag inside the Bloomington Council Chambers

This is the same United Nations who: wants guns taken away from US citizens started the global warming scam wants the US to pay other countries for our “theft” of their resources appoints brutal dictators to their human rights commission wants to try Bush 43 for war crimes held hearings on Voter Id laws in […]

How much Debt is Town of Normal In?

Bonded and Similar Indebtedness-Table 5 CAFR Governmental Activities  2005   $25,660,985 2011    $ 78 772,163 306% increase Business-Type Activities  2005    $ 3,235,735 2011     $ 11,346,261 350% Increase Total 2005    $  28,896,720 2011     $  90,118,424 311% increase 311% Increase in Long Term Debt in 7 Years!

OCCUPY tent burned

           Before and after – Tent burned around 2:00am 4/22/12

Latinos United for Change rally

Immigrants or Illegal Immigrants? Communist Fist Socialist Fist

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