Illinois State University: Left Wing Ideology?

As a graduate of ISU, I receive a monthly magazine from the school.  Normally it is filled with inspiring stories of alums and their accomplishments.  The May 2012 edition has a story by Tom Nugent who is either pushing an agenda or is truly clueless.  I am appalled the school printed an obviously biased and uniformed view of the Occupy movement.

The 3 page story is of a 2005 graduate named Margaret Kilkenny.  Titled “Voice of Dissidents”,  the story glorifies her time in Zuccotti Park discovering what Occupy Wall street’s complaints against the government are.  She co- hosts  an online radio show.  Her theme: Why? Why isn’t our system working?”

Never once in the 3 pages was an explanation of where her income comes from, opposing points of few, or the forces really behind OWS.  There is also no mention of the politics of the people behind OWS – socialists, marxists and communists.

The creator of OWS is a Canadian resident named Kalle Lasn.  He has one goal – the destruction of capitalism.  He has been joined by other leftists including Glaser Progress and the Tides foundation, heavily bankrolled by George Soros and his Open Society Institute.  Painting this movement as anything other than an enemy of the United States is a huge lapse in judgement.

It’s extremely sad my Alma Mater saw fit to publish accomplishments of a graduate participating in the destruction of the Constitution, capitalism, and the very beacon of light to people around the world longing for freedom and liberty.

But-Illinois State University wasn’t done there.  The following 2 pages are an interview of Economics Professor Emeritus Neil Skaggs titled “Understanding the Nation’s Financial Crisis”.  The 2 stories should have been written together.  Every left wing talking point was included:  banks and greedy Wall Street bankers were to blame.  There is no mention of the Community Reinvestment Act from the 1977 which forced banks to lend money to people without the means to repay.  There was no mention of the book “Reckless Endangerment” written by reporters from the New York Times.  They blamed a variety of people including Rep. Barney Frank.  Professor Skaggs blamed greed – pure greed.

The views reported in these 2 stories are nothing more than left wing propaganda with very little truth.  My view of the university has radically changed.  If your children attend, keep close watch.  If they will send this trash to alums, what are they feeding students?

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  1. You silly reporter. Don’t you see. Liberals (including college professors) will never let mere facts get in the way of an opportunity to spout off propaganda.

    This is another fine example of your tax dollars at work.

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