Julie Crowe defeats the City of Bloomington!

Will Todd Greenburg appeal this one?  Judy Stearns was the ONLY alderman to vote with Julie Crowe.  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=2464 All of these alderman voted AGAINST free market capitalism:   Mwilambwe, Schmidt, McDade, Anderson, Fazzini, Sage, Fruin and Purcell.   This is also a BIG defeat for David Hales because he initially ruled against her at a […]

Taxpayer money going to Arizona! Carol Struck

by:  Diane Benjamin Carol Struck was named the BCPA’s Interim Performing Arts Manager.  The problem is Carol Struck moved to Arizona!  So how much is Bloomington paying her? $150 per day for every day she is in Bloomington including weekends Plus $2000 per month David Hales, are you seriously saying there is NOBODY that lives […]

Why there were no local MLK speech celebrations

by:  Diane Benjamin Today the Pantagraph issued a “jeer” because no area towns held events commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Martin Luther King “I have a dream” speech.  Maybe “why” deserves a look. Here’s a link to the written speech:  http://www.archives.gov/press/exhibits/dream-speech.pdf Some parts you may not remember: We have also come  to this hallowed […]

A Brief Audit of Bill Gates’ Common Core Spending

Years ago, Gates paid NGA to “rethink policies on teacher effectiveness.” One man, lots of money, nationally shaping a profession to which he has never belonged. Note:  A group of concerned parents will be marching in the Thresherman’s Parade in Pontiac on Sunday handing out information to parents! This is a post about Bill Gates […]

Thank you Fox News-Updated with Video

See the Fox News video:  http://youtu.be/mt6s16lNHuU Source:  http://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2013/08/thank-you-fox-news/ LInk to the Fox News story: The Chicago way? Illinois officials under fire for ObamaCare contracts A team of dedicated grass roots citizens have been working on exposing the questionable acts by our state HFS office and their circumvention of procurement laws by using an intergovernmental agreement […]

The Truth about Wind Farms: Parasites

The REAL news has to come from other countries since America no longer has unbiased and fair media. Source:  http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/57556?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook Wind turbines need a constant supply of electricity “Parasitic Consumption”—Wind-Farms By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser (Bio and Archives)  Thursday, August 29, 2013 In case you are afraid that “Parasitic Consumption” (PC) refers to little mites eating the wind turbines, […]

Common Core: an assault on education by the 60’s radicals

An Interview with Paul Horton: Monopolies, Tomfooleries, Conspiracies and Skullduggery Posted by Michael Shaughnessy EducationViews Senior Columnist on August 29, 2013 in Commentaries, Daily, Editor’s Pick,Insights on Education, Teachers | 1 Comment Paul Horton Source:  http://educationviews.org/an-interview-with-paul-horton-monopolies-tomfooleries-conspiracies-and-skullduggery/ Michael F. Shaughnessy 1) Paul, there has been a lot written about certain book companies, and test companies being almost a monopoly. It has been years since I […]

Fly on the Wall: Cheers and Jeers to the Pantagraph

Finally today the Pantagraph hammered the Bloomington Alderman who think they have a right to conduct business privately.  The editorial properly called City employees public servants, paid with taxpayer money, and therefore not entitled to closed session backroom deals, contrary to how 6 members voted last Monday. Jeers though for not mentioning it was Judy […]

Head Start: A Tragic Waste of Money

Since some people don’t know reality: By Andrew J. Coulson  http://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/head-start-tragic-waste-money This article appeared in the New York Post on January 28, 2010. Head Start, the most sacrosanct federal education program, doesn’t work. That’s the finding of a sophisticated study just released by President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services. Created in 1965, the comprehensive preschool program for 3- and […]

Public service for Liberals. Complete list of businesses to boycott over Obamacare.

by:  C Steven Tucker https://csteventucker.wordpress.com/2013/08/28/public-service-for-liberals-complete-list-of-businesses-to-boycott-over-obamacare/ Under a clause of President Obama’s health care law called the “Shared Responsibility Penalty“. Employers with 50 or more full-time employees – are now incentivized to reduce full-time worker hours to part-time hours. For many years, a ‘full-time employee’ was considered an employee who works 40 hours or more per week. Now, because […]

Obama Group Supports Pro-Amnesty Republicans. guess who?

Organizing for Action (OFA), the activist spinoff group of President Obama’s campaign arm, is ramping up its push for “comprehensive” immigration reform in an unusual way this summer. With House leadership vowing to only vote on immigration bills that have the support of the majority of House Republicans (known as the Hastert rule after a […]

Common Core: An editorial the Chicago Tribune refused to print

Maybe when a 30 year History Teacher has a problem with Common Core, somebody should listen!  The next question is why did the Chicago Tribune refuse to print it? “Nothing that is capable of being memorized is history” R.G. Collingwood “History is an argument without end” Peter Geyl The End of History in Illinois? As […]

Government Hypocrisy – Compliant Media

The Constitution is immaterial.  President Obama has to save face by bombing Syria – they crossed the line he set.  Of course, we don’t know who crossed the line.  Some media outlets report it could have been the rebels who used weapons of mass destruction.  Regardless, there are no sides left to support.  Al Qaeda […]

MUST READ: Who Says the GOP Doesn’t Have an Alternative to Obamacare….NOT SO (Two Plans included)

President Obama has tried to defend his health care plan lately by criticizing Republicans for trying to roll back ObamaCare without offering any alternatives — despite the fact that Republicans have offered several. In a White House news conference a week ago, the president said: “They used to say, ‘well, we’re going to replace it […]

Bloomington: City attorney accuses a citizen of slander!

by:  Diane Benjamin The Bloomington City Council voted last night to not release any information discussed in Executive Session concerning former City Manager Tom Hamilton.  A private citizen wrote the following email to the Council: Dear Councilman, You have error-ed by not voting to release Tom Hamilton’s minutes for 2006,2007 and 2008, it is the interest of […]

Better take your lunch Thursday!

Somebody in Chicago is organizing a protest here!  Wow, I guess we’ve hit the big time.  They obviously don’t understand how wages are set, so here is the link again:  http://blnnews.com/2012/08/22/the-minimum-wage-fallacy/ People with limited skills shouldn’t expect to earn a lot of money.  Your dollar worth is measured by your skills.  Fast food workers are […]

ObamaCare Challenge: Judicial Watch

Dear Judicial Watch Supporter, Judicial Watch is considering litigation challenging President Obama’s rewriting of Obamacare.  Specifically, President Obama has unilaterally rewritten the law to delay the “employer mandate,” which was scheduled to go in effect on January 1, 2014, for at least a year.  At the same time, he did not rewrite the law to […]

We are now the enemy

Pentagon Labels Founding Fathers, Conservatives as Extremists By Todd Starnes George Washington would not be welcome in the modern U.S. military. Neither would Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin, according to Department of Defense training documents that depict the Founding Fathers as extremists and conservative organizations as “hate groups.” The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute training guide was […]

Bloomington: The transparency Joke

Update:  3 Alderman who weren’t on the Council when Tom Hamilton was City Manager voted not to release ANY information about his time running the City:  Jennifer McDade, Rob Fazzini, & Mboka Mwilambwe.  Who are they covering for?  Judy Stearns proposed an amendment to add the info for release. Only Scott Black, Kevin Lower, and […]

Incomes Have Dropped Twice as Much During the ‘Recovery’ as During the Recession

Can we afford tax increases?  Maybe somebody should tell local leaders! 9:03 AM, AUG 23, 2013 • BY JEFFREY H. ANDERSON Source:  http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/incomes-have-dropped-twice-much-during-recovery-during-recession_750068.html President Obama likes to talk about income inequality, but what matters far more is the actual income of the typical American.  And how has the typical American household income fared on Obama’s watch?  Well, […]

Now Local Government wants dependents

by:  Diane Benjamin Government wants people on Food Stamps.  They even advertise so new people will sign up.  They give away free cell phones without income checks – there was even a table set up on the west side of Bloomington to hand them out. (http://blnnews.com/2013/07/22/free-government-phones-in-bloomington/)  The list of government giveaways is close to endless […]

Bloomington: Stretch the truth and some people will believe you!

From the Bloomington City website:  http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=18&recordid=304 It wonderful they can finally show an operating profit, but they are far from breaking even.  These figures don’t include the interest of around $2,000,000 per year or the upcoming payments they are finally going to start making on the building! Celebrate! U.S. Cellular Coliseum’s Economic Impact Over $98M […]

BCPA: Only taxpayers would fall for this!

by:  Diane Benjamin Yes, the Bloomington Center for Performing Arts is a beautiful building.  Yes, the previous owners couldn’t afford the upkeep.  Yes, the City of Bloomington decided to save it. But do taxpayers know what it costs them?  The financial statements are never issued, because there aren’t any.  Budget statements are available, but they […]

Is this a Preschool or a Prison? We Can’t Really Tell the Difference

To allow a child of school age to spend 15.5 mille seconds in one of these god-awful places is irresponsible. — jtl, 419 Wasn’t America supposed to be the land of the free? By Melissa Melton of Truthstream Media.com via LewRockwell.com The public primary school for pre-kindergarteners featured in the video below gave me chills. The brightly colored buildings belied […]

It’s just 1/4%

by:  Lane Hansen But let’s look at the ‘big picture’ in terms of Bloomington’s overall finances:   Other Tax Increases Currently Being Considered –Connect Transit: considering a ¼% sales tax –Bloomington Public Library: considering a ¼% sales tax -$30M Miller Park expansion: considering a ¼% sales tax –District 87: considering a tax increase (possibly a sales tax) –Unit 5: considering a tax increase (possibly a sales tax)   […]

Fly on the Wall: Pantagraph

The Pantagraph must be afraid of looking stupid.  They have a Facebook page with a posting of today’s article on the soccer fields and community center.  There are lots of comments to the story, most against a tax increase. Somebody asked who paid for the Pony League fields.  The Pantagraph quickly deleted the answer posted […]

Phony Republicans on the McLean County Board

Below are the members of the McLean County Board.  3 were absent from the vote on accepting $170,000 grant to enroll area residents in ObamaCare. Members Don J. Cavallini, District 1  Republican Stan Hoselton, District 1 Republican Jim Soeldner, District 2 Republican Matt Sorensen, District 2 County Board Chairman Didn’t vote as chair (R) Julie […]

Pony Fields built without taxpayer money! Soccer wants yours.

Note:  The Pony League (baseball) fields are at the comer of Towanda-Barnes Road and Ireland Grove. by:  Diane Benjamin The local soccer people want you to pay for their new fields on the west side of town.  A 1/4% Sales Tax increase would be required by a group of private citizens. The first question is […]

Conservatism died in McLean County today

Update:  http://blnnews.com/2013/08/21/phony-republicans-on-the-mclean-county-board/ by:  Diane Benjamin Today the County Board voted to accept a $170,000 State grant to help implement ObamaCare in McLean County.  They accepted the money from a bankrupt state which got it from the bankrupt feds to implement a program that is failing across the country and will never be ready to start […]

15 Pictures of Ridiculous Government Spending Guaranteed to Make You Mad

by:  Kelsey Harris Heritage Foundation August 20, 2013 at 6:50 am   In 2013, federal spending approached $3.5 trillion. Now that’s hard to wrap your brain around. It’s about $27,700 for every American household.   All across America, families balance their budgets, rein in spending, and pay down their debts. If Americans can do it, why can’t the federal […]

Money Walks

When people don’t like the direction in which their state is headed, they often vote with their feet. That’s precisely what Illinoisans did during the last decade, and they took their income with them. Illinois netted a loss of more $20 billion to other states through the out-migration of its residents from 2000-2010, according to […]

Common Core testing: read comments from the users

Unlike the Panatgraph opinion in today’s paper based on nothing, read actual comments made by teachers and the test writers: Dear Colleagues, This site contains responses (600+) to the all-new, CCSS-aligned ELA exam that Pearson gave this year in New York State. Given that Pearson is poised to compete with PARCC and Smarter Balanced as […]

Verizon Rewarded for Records Release With $10 Billion Government Contract

 by Joe Wolverton Verizon’s willingness to give the federal government unfettered access to its customers’ phone records is paying off handsomely for the telecommunications giant. Verizon announced on August 16: The U.S. Department of the Interior has selected Verizon to participate in a $10 billion, 10-year contract to provide cloud and hosting services. This is potentially one of Verizon’s […]

Why local government doesn’t have money

by:  Diane Benjamin The McLean County Regional Planning Commission is busy planning for Bloomington.  Most of this commission consists of un-elected people who tell every level of government what to do by dangling money in front of them.  In addition to Bloomington, their website has plans for Normal, the County, and the schools.  That’s how […]