Bloomington: City attorney accuses a citizen of slander!

by:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington City Council voted last night to not release any information discussed in Executive Session concerning former City Manager Tom Hamilton.  A private citizen wrote the following email to the Council:

Dear Councilman,
You have error-ed by not voting to release Tom Hamilton’s minutes for 2006,2007 and 2008, it is the interest of the Bloomington Citizens to know what took place with action of Tom Hamilton and the Rubber Stamp 5 ” when we were lied to about the funding of the Coliseum.  It is Important to know
Why were we told by Judy Markowich and Tom Hamilton” no public funds will be used in the construction or operation of the Coliseum” at the information meetings that were held to the public?
Also, the voting on Fire station #5 on Six Point Rd., that was not needed at the time or present, that is sitting idle ( that is being used to store drug confiscated cars ).  The FBI investigating transfer of money to banks in Indiana, which involved Tom Hamilton and Steve Stockton  from REMCO Insurance.   It may not make any difference, but it cost the taxpayers large sums of money, in interest of what was said and done at the meeting being with held.   Remember it is Citizen of the Aldermen’s Wards who vote to have them elected to the Bloomington City Council, and can make changes when reelections come up again !!
P.s. I look at this Error as something to keep from the public, hoping the Pantagraph gets a copy and be made public , if it has been 5 years since the records of the City Council Meetings has been released,it all points to secrets that trying to hide !!.
William J Dodson
1304 Six Point Rd.
Bloomington, Ill.
This email prompted the City Attorney Todd Greenburg to send the following email back to him:

Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 08:40:07 -0500

To all-
For the record, I am not aware of any type of FBI investigation of Tom Hamilton regarding RIMCO or anything else, nor is Tom Hamilton. This is a slanderous urban myth which has been floating around for several years now.
Todd Greenburg
Todd, are you accusing a private citizens of slander?  Maybe it would be a good time for those involved to finally come out with the facts!  Previously the City and the Pantagraph would have vilified anybody for stating the truth.   Now a City Attorney is accusing a private citizen of slander!  
Citizens have a right to know the facts about RIMCO, the email writer is 100% correct.  What are you hiding Todd?  Don’t citizens have right to expect better from City employees?  Maybe you should ask Tom again if he was ever interviewed by the FBI?  Take a course in lie-detection before you do, just in case you need it.

One thought on “Bloomington: City attorney accuses a citizen of slander!

  1. Possibly Mr. Greenberg had been reviewing an official talking points memo to arrive with the “urban myth” dismissal. Lol. And BTW Mr. Renner’s promise of transparency fails another test, a very big test. Heck Renner wasn’t even involved in this past and fails to lead the council to opportunity to explore the truth. Thank you Mr. Tari Renner for the usual, means nothing, goes no where, campaign, blah, blah, blah, rhetoric.

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