Madigan’s Lawyer must be running Normal

By: Diane Benjamin Michael Kasper denied the Due Process Rights of the 3 people who filed petitions to run for office (that State law requires Incorporated Towns to Elect) when he sent them letters denying ballot access. Kasper also violated the Due Process Rights of the 2 objectors who filed against them (Dullard and Fritzen) […]

Why did Tari explode Legal Expense?

By:  Diane Benjamin 2013 is the budget Tari inherited when he took office. 2017 is all his. I hope the local media quits letting Renner state he isn’t doing anything new and the budget is just increasing 2% per year.  Both are lies.  Look at Legal expenses: 2017 Total Legal  $1,325,308  FY 2017 Budget Detail  […]

Todd Greenburg no better in Springfield

by:  Diane Benjamin Springfield had severe problems with Open Meeting Act violations and failure to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests before Todd Greenburg became the City Corporate Council.  I think they called the latest Shred-Gate after some local officials decided to destroy evidence. In case you forgot, Greenburg formerly worked for the City […]

What is the truth with Todd Greenburg?

by:  Diane Benjamin Think back to when it was announced that City Attorney Todd Greenburg was leaving.  What was the public told? The talking points were he wrote a letter to City Manager David Hales that affected their relationship, so they could no longer work together. On December 30 Greenburg spoke to and was questioned […]

Fly on the Wall – Greenburg’s gone!

I hear Todd Greenburg is out as Bloomington’s City Attorney. Celebrate Bloomington, you won’t be paying for unjustified lawsuits anymore! Think Julie Crowe and her taxi service that was denied Think the Bob Wall incident he wanted to keep quiet Think the Scott Oglesby case that Bloomington is going to lose Think the executive session minutes […]

Bloomington: City attorney accuses a citizen of slander!

by:  Diane Benjamin The Bloomington City Council voted last night to not release any information discussed in Executive Session concerning former City Manager Tom Hamilton.  A private citizen wrote the following email to the Council: Dear Councilman, You have error-ed by not voting to release Tom Hamilton’s minutes for 2006,2007 and 2008, it is the interest of […]

Renner vrs Greenburg

by:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner:  Elected Mayor by the citizens of Bloomington Todd Greenburg:  City employee Tari Renner:  Promised transparent government Todd Greenburg:  Wants to keep EVERYTHING hidden Tari Renner:  Respects the law, we think Todd Greenburg:  Plays by his own rules Example one: The State Attorney ruled the City must release all information concerning […]