Renner vrs Greenburg

by:  Diane Benjamin


Tari Renner:  Elected Mayor by the citizens of Bloomington

Todd Greenburg:  City employee

Tari Renner:  Promised transparent government

Todd Greenburg:  Wants to keep EVERYTHING hidden

Tari Renner:  Respects the law, we think

Todd Greenburg:  Plays by his own rules

Example one:

The State Attorney ruled the City must release all information concerning the Bob Wall incident.  Greenburg appointed himself city mouthpiece and plans to fight.  Hiding something Todd?

Example two:

An arbitrator ruled Scott Oglesby was unfairly fired from the Police force.  Greenburg is appealing. See this story for details:

Example three:

State’s Attorney ruled the City is required to review the minutes of executive sessions and release what can be released.  Many members of the Council will be embarrassed by them, so they are fighting.  Is Todd involved?  Will Mayor Renner insist on transparency?

Example four:

A judge is currently deliberating the Julie Crowe case.  She sued the City after being refused a taxi license.  Going to appeal this one too Todd?  See details here:

Tari Renner ran for office promising transparency, something the City of Bloomington hasn’t had for decades.  Who is going to win the battle?  The elected Mayor or a punk employee?

Citizens:  Government now believes they can do anything they want.  Nothing is illegal unless they are challenged and found guilty.   In the case of Todd Greenburg, being found guilty still means nothing as long as taxpayer money can be used to keep fighting to keep the truth locked up.

5 thoughts on “Renner vrs Greenburg

  1. Yes, the promise of transparency from Mr. “He’s a nice guy” Tari Renner.” I’d bet my last donut that the only transparency present,,,is that, yes we can see right through that promise.

    1. Mudd, I would ask…”based upon WHAT?” I’m fighting every day of my life now for maximum openness and transparency! Tari Renner

      1. Tari, The citizens aren’t used to any politician actually doing what they say they will. Going to have to see results and lots of them first.

  2. Fair enough – you’re sure right on that one!!
    Who could possibly do anything but agree with that statement!
    Tari Renner

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