Choose Normal:

By: Diane Benjamin More on this story: Media has decided these 3 filed for office in Normal because the referendum to elect Trustees by district was not allowed on the ballot. They missed one fact: TWO of these three didn’t sign the petition. One told me watching a Normal Town Council meeting made the […]

Three file for offices in Normal that don’t exist yet

By: Diane Benjamin This morning three people filed for offices in Normal that will only exist because of Patrick Dullard’s stunt throwing the referendum off the ballot with the Town of Normal’s blessings. Judge Kording ruled Normal is an Incorporated Town, therefore the Town needs to comply with the law. Robert Shoraga filed to run […]

Bloomington tonight – short meeting

By: Diane Benjamin If nothing gets pulled from the Consent Agenda the only item remaining is the Finance Director’s Report and comments. On the Consent Agenda: The gift that can’t stop giving – Coliseum, it isn’t Grossinger Motors Arena anymore: Looks like the Market Street Garage isn’t going anywhere soon: $10.52 a square foot. Normal […]

The comedy continues: Press credentials denied

By: Diane Benjamin Follow-up to this story: Of course all the judges were retained. People claim to want term limits but when given the chance to actually term limit an elected official they don’t. This story however is about press credentials. It took over a month (the day after the election to be exact) […]

Corruption and Elder Abuse: Logan County

By: Diane Benjamin Wind farm developers have been targeting Logan County recently. The meeting below happened on 11/22. The video was taped from the Young Conservatives of Logan County Facebook page which has the entire video of the over 3 hour meeting. The part below happened very close to the end of the meeting. The […]

Evans Junior High 6th graders indoctrination – Updated

By: Diane Benjamin The below is a clear case of government not holding individuals accountable for their behavior. Instead of creating consequences for the problem students, all students were treated as guilty. The fastest way to change behaviors is consequences. The innocent children saw justice doesn’t exist because they were labeled guilty by being forced […]

Why Bloomington needs more money:

By: Diane Benjamin Source: Illinois Comptroller as of 4/30/2022      as of 4/30/2021 as of 4/30/2020 This is the information the CITY of BLOOMINGTON reported to the Illinois Comptroller. Population decreased by 1,548 in 2022, 2021 was just speculation. Note 2022 is even down from 2020. Assessed values increased by almost $4 million in […]

Bloomington raised your property taxes last night

By: Diane Benjamin I looked at the City website last night and no agenda was posted for the “special meeting”. It did announce the Committee of the Whole meeting was cancelled. No wonder nobody showed up for Public Comment! The “Special Meeting” agenda is posted now. Meetings that just happened are erased only to reappear […]

The Iron Fist of Normal

By: Diane Benjamin Changes to the sign code took close to an hour to discuss last night. Keep in mind the Town claimed their ordinance needed changed because of a Supreme Court ruling. That ruling happened in 2015. The changes passed last night treat real estate signs differently than every other sign. That implies […]

Why does Normal have a purchasing policy?

By: Diane Benjamin Tonight’s documentation: Normal will spend $107,244.79 without bidding: The policy should just be abolished since Pam Reece ignores it at almost every meeting. Time for a lesson on government: Fiscal responsibility doesn’t happen with government because they spend other people’s money (yours). ISU closed the approximately 23 acres on Shelbourne in […]

Glorious Diversity vrs Unit 5

By: Diane Benjamin Last night my church served Thanksgiving dinner at Wittenberg Lutheran Center in Normal to foreign ISU students. These students were from all over the world. The event was called International Neighbors Night. Some of the countries represented were: China, Hong Kong, Pakistan, India, Columbia, El Salvador, Nigeria, and Senegal. I know others […]

Friday laughs: A previous Bloomington Downtown study

By: Diane Benjamin Supposedly the 2013 Farr Associates (same guy who did Uptown) cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is a glossy 126 pages in an 18 x 11 inch spiral bound format. Some items from this plan were implemented like Way Finding Signs. Those signs cost taxpayers over $500,000. The plan […]

Items for Normal taxpayers

By: Diane Benjamin If you haven’t taken the survey for the Normal Police Department, see it here: You can now take that survey, most of yesterday you couldn’t: This is the error you would have seen if you tried any of the websites above: The person responsible is Vasudha Gadhiraju. She was hired in […]

Normal’s Debt and the Cost

By: Diane Benjamin If you still haven’t played with the Local Government Reporting on the Illinois Comptroller’s website, do it now! This is the link to Normal’s reported debt: At the beginning of FY 2020 total debt was: $88,090,580 At the end of FY 2020 total debt was: $85,752,874 At the end of FY […]

Fly on the Wall: Housing Emergency that isn’t?

If this area needs more housing as some claim: Why did I overhear a local “planner” tell a developer the time isn’t right for another subdivision? “Planner” thinks it could affect Unit 5’s referendum (round 2) and the April election! Wonder if “planner” knows lies will effect it more? EDC? Chamber of Commerce?

Use this Charity Watchdog before end-of-year donations

By: Diane Benjamin There are many website who claim to rate charities for you. To me this one is the best a provides the most detailed resources available: Enter some of your favorites and see the salaries of top executives. If you want to research tax returns for other non-profits, this is the site […]

IML Conference expenses: Normal vrs Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin This pic from the Illinois Municipal League says everything you need to know about them: IML refuses to post required information on their website! Yes, they are hiding. They don’t file tax returns either even though their employees receive large pensions: IML exists to represent government in Springfield, they don’t […]

Illinois #1 on the Fleeing list

By: Diane Benjamin Forbes has a new list of the top 12 States people are moving from, I will save you the trouble of reading it: 1. Illinois Total Moves: 8,157Percentage Moving Out: 63.4%Population: 12,802,000Median Household Income: $62,881Job Growth (2018): 0.9% Projected population growth is negative. Illinois is ahead of New Jersey and New […]

Bloomington Meeting tonight

By: Diane Benjamin Check out the P-Card spending starting on PDF page 157: Staff is back to traveling, two people went to the IML conference in Chicago. Somehow they didn’t spend as much as the Town of Normal people who went. HR is on an advertising spree for new employees. Currently that link shows […]

New BCPA Events – 1 winner (See update at the bottom)

By: Diane Benjamin The performance fee wasn’t available when I posted this one: Loss: $15,753.69 Performance fee: Loss: $10,852.03 This one proves if good shows are booked people will come and shows can make money: Performance Fee: Profit: $4,108.85 Even with one profit, these 3 shows lost $22,496.87, not including all the other ancillary costs […]

Town of Normal Pension reports don’t match

By: Diane Benjamin Last September the Financial Trends Report was presented at a Council meeting. See it here: IMRF funding was reported on PDF page 45 at 106.2%. IMRF funds all pensions except Police and Fire. Fire Pension Funding was reported at 56.15% funded – PDF page 44. Police Pension Funding was reported at […]

Local GOP: Burn the Big Tent

By: Diane Benjamin I heard one of the biggest opponents to the McLean County GOP Accountability committee was George Wendt. He needs to reconsider, the latest RINO Republican to turn on the party is Kathleen Lorenz. 4 years ago she campaigned door-to-door calling herself a Republican. Does George Wendt know Lorenz campaigned for his Democrat […]

FOIA from Connect Transit results

By: Diane Benjamin I filed a FOIA request because of the huge entries last month for travel and meetings: “Receipts for the $8775.00 to APTA for travel and meetings on the September 2022 disbursements  Receipts for the $677.70 paid to Dave White for travel and meetings on the same list  Receipts for the $3866.53 charged […]

Kathleen Lorenz

By: Diane Benjamin Comments about Kathleen made by citizens really bother her. After the last batch she emailed me twice with corrections. She didn’t say anything about what I wrote, she was merely responding to people who comment. The comments are to this story: I could post her emails, but I’m not going to. […]

Got an Electric Bike?

If you have one: Excerpts: City officials are considering new laws after the fire department counted nearly 200 blazes and six fire deaths this year tied to problems with lithium-ion batteries in such “micromobility” devices. WHY ARE E-BIKES AND SCOOTERS GETTING SCRUTINY IN NEW YORK? The city has seen “an exponential increase” in fires […]