Judges up for retention

By: Diane Benjamin

3 judges are on the ballot for retention. Probably all 3 will be retained because voters really don’t believe in term limits even though they say they do:

Mark Fellheimer is the Chief judge. Close to a month ago I asked the Circuit Clerk Don Everhart to approve press credentials for me, the Supreme Court ruled “bloggers” are press.

Years ago the court set up the Pantagraph as reviewer of anyone wanting press credentials, I of course wasn’t notified and knew nothing about that program. I was refused credentials during the Coliseum case.

I believe Judge Fellheimer makes a decision based on recommendations from whatever media outlet handles requests now. I’m betting Fellheimer will not give me credentials but he will wait until after he is retained.

Prove me wrong judge!






6 thoughts on “Judges up for retention

  1. The definition of “press” varies from person to person, especially when it comes to politics. Right leaners may define Tucker Carlson and Cities 92.9 as “the press”, while left leaners believe Rachel Maddow and WGLT as “the press”. Both claim their “press” reports the truth and the other side’s “press” spreads misinformation and is a marketing arm of a political agenda/party. Who you believe is correct depends on which side of the political spectrum you fall. Judges are no different. They let their political bias sway their interpretations of the law and thus their rulings. Why do you think the left tries to destroy any judge who a republican tries to appoint and visa-versa…Remember what the left did to Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh.


    1. So you’ll need to reach out to him. He shouldn’t be denying any of our requests as long as we follow the court rules. But his position allows him to gatekeep and privilege main stream news outlets.


  2. He’s the arbiter. I have no reason to believe he even communicates with the chief judge about it. As far as bringing electronics into the court house, that’s all the sheriff’s decision. The chief judge only has control of electronics in the court rooms.

    Reach out to Ryan. Like I said, he shouldn’t be denying any of our requests.


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