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Vote Accordingly! More money for any government never works, they will always want more. #History The Unit 5 candidates are hand picked by the union. The Board needs to represent citizens, not the union. All the above expect you to vote YE$ on the referendum.

Obituary: Charles Sila

Charles Sila passed the afternoon of Friday February 24 at Carle Bromenn.  He was a loving father and husband, navy veteran, and long-time business owner and pubic servant. Charles is survived by his wife Nadine, children Monica (Brian) Irwin and Karl Sila, brother Lee (Heidi) Sila, a niece and 6 grandchildren.  He was preceded by […]

Bloomington Roads, No Celebration should be happening

By: Diane Benjamin Bloomington is expecting to end this fiscal year with more than $37 million in General Fund Reserves. This is a huge increase compared to pre-Tim Gleason. See PDF page 2: The $7 million is this years budget, next year $10 million is budgeted. Asphalt and Concrete is roads and sidewalks, not […]

Bloomington tonight

By: Diane Benjamin The budget is the big item for tonight. Will anyone notice fixing the streets isn’t allocated enough money to even begin catching up? Streets are becoming like pensions. It doesn’t matter how much money is thrown at them, they will never be rated well funded. Is Bloomington investing pension money with companies […]

CIRA is back to wanting County money

By: Diane Benjamin The Peoria Journal Star reported on a study that claims Illinois is the WORST state for taxes: The exodus from Illinois will continue when it is MUCH cheaper to move than stay in Illinois. Since every other level of government wants more money, CIRA is joining the party. See this story […]

3 things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin 1) Biological males are using female restrooms at Normal Community. The rights of females are immaterial. Cancel culture cancelled the right to privacy for females. 2) Refer back to this story: Remember all those “community” meetings Normal had to hear what people wanted to see in Uptown South? The email Mercy […]

Why I oppose the Unit 5 referendum

By: Diane Benjamin Listen to Chandler and Swan Sunday at 7:00am or the replay at 5:00pm. Cities 92.9 – we discuss some of the below. It should be on spotify too. Unit 5’s superintendent uses PRONOUNS in her signature. Their job is to educate not cater to ridiculous ideology. Pronouns virtual signal to the far […]

Uptown South Comedy!

By: Diane Benjamin Normal is building a pedestrian and bike underpass that will likely cost $30 million by the time it’s done. Vehicles will continue to sit behind trains blocking College and Linden because the underpass isn’t for vehicles. Linden won’t be 4 lanes anymore in the Uptown South plan, it is going on a […]

More reason to abolish BEC

By: Diane Benjamin The Bloomington Election Commission has a long history of failing at their one job: Elections. Just in November they couldn’t tell candidates for Bloomington Council how many signatures they needed on petitions because of redistricting. In 2022 BEC requested and increase to their budget of $550,000. BEC has had a hard time […]

Responsible Cities PAC isn’t

By: Diane Benjamin Only contributions to candidates or political action committees over $1000 are required to be immediately reported. Other contributions are reported quarterly. That means you won’t know who contributed to either until after the April 4th election since reports won’t be filed before then. Reports are available on Illinois Sunshine for contributions that […]

Proof Normal’s staff runs the Town

By: Diane Benjamin The email below proves the Town staff knows the Council will pass whatever is brought to them. All but one Trustee doesn’t make independent votes on what is best for the citizens, they vote for “progress” as defined by staff. Just last Monday Doug Farr presented the Uptown South project as he […]

Bloomington spends HUGE next year

By: Diane Benjamin This is just spending on Capital Projects. FY 2023 ends on 4/30/2023, FY 2024 is what matters. Asphalt and Concrete should have been $10M years ago, it needs to be that high for MANY MORE years. See the slide at 30:13. It’s not all roads however. The Coliseum will forever be a […]

Degenerate Illinois!

By: Diane Benjamin Do you want the opposite sex in any restroom with you? Dads: When will you care enough about your daughters to stand up? Males competing against them in sports wasn’t enough? It looks like Witness Slips can not be filed. How low will Illinois go? I doubt this is the bottom! Legalizing […]

Bloomington un-redacted some from FOIA

By: Diane Benjamin More on this story: In the original FOIA multiple comments from attendees were redacted. Bloomington realized they were not correct in redacting negative comments about the training at the Holocaust Museum in Skokie Il, I now have un-redacted copies. The entire page below had been redacted. The last paragraph is fabulous. […]

Violating Municipal Code is fine, I bet both think it applies to you however.

By: Diane Benjamin Both Bloomington and Normal are meeting on a Federal Holiday Monday: Bloomington Committee of the Whole: Normal starts at 6:00 instead of 7:00: Bloomington municipal code: Normal municipal code:—Council-Meetings-and-Ordinances?bidId= Next time either tries to hold you accountable for violations of Municipal Code, ask them why violations are […]

Want to see the video? Okay

By: Diane Benjamin The ethics ordinance Unit 5 has posted on their website is REQUIRED by State law. It’s there to pretend legislators want to clean up corruption in Illinois. Every level of government is required to have one that meets certain standards. Of course nobody is in charge of enforcing it. John Adams said: […]

Uptown South, since Uptown was such a success

By: Diane Benjamin The Uptown TIF district was started in 2003. Since then it has collected $22,889,578. Bonds totalling $80,600,00 were issued to collect that $22,889,578. That doesn’t include interest which adds many more millions because only interest was paid on the bonds for many years. Add at least 50% to that number. TWO developers […]

Bloomington’s lack of transparency

By: Diane Benjamin Numerous Bloomington upper management police officers were sent to a 2 day training in Skokie Il. The training was called BRILL LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTION IN DEMOCRACY. “Democracy” is the first clue to this training. We aren’t a Democracy. The second clue is it was held at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education […]

ISU President Resigns

Board of Trustees announces university leadership changes The Board of Trustees of Illinois State University has announced that President Terri Goss Kinzy has resigned as of February 14, 2023, and will vote to accept her resignation at the regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting at 2 p.m., Friday, February 17. The Board of Trustees appointed […]

New use for the Coliseum

By: Diane Benjamin FYI: The Council that hired Tim Gleason and that mayor are long gone. Gleason was hired to revitalize downtown because he revitalized Decatur’s (sort of). After 5:00 very little happens in the closed up downtown businesses. It is nothing like Bloomington’s downtown that exists for lawyers, people accused of crimes, homeless people, […]

I could have predicted this one

By: Diane Benjamin I filed a FOIA request with the City of Bloomington on January 31st when rumors started to swirl about a revote on hiring a lobbyist. Of course they delayed my FOIA until 4:30 today – after the vote. They claimed legal had to review. Ha Ha. Here is part of one email […]

More proof the April Election is partisan!

By: Diane Benjamin This is explains why the FBI investigates parents who speak at School Board meetings and those who don’t want their kids sexualized at the Public Library. You are an extremist for expecting schools to actually educate your kids. They aren’t, the are indoctrinating them in left wind progressive ideology. Democrats have declared […]

Bloomington Incompetence!

By: Diane Benjamin Bloomington failed at Live Streaming the meeting last night. There was no audio! The incompetence shown by City staff should make you wonder what else they are incompetent at doing. Below is this year’s budget for Information Technology. Almost $6 million and they can’t get a Live Stream to work in a […]

Tri-Valley Transparency Victory!

By: Diane Benjamin The Board packet for Wednesday is actually posted!—minutes/2022-2023-agenda-%26-notices/402369 It’s only 66 pages long, every word doesn’t have to be read to see what is actually happening in the district. I’m happy to see my son’s favorite teacher is still teaching: Jeff Benter. He let his students blow things up. I don’t […]

Teacher’s Union clarifies the election

By: Diane Benjamin The Union Five Teacher’s Union made clear who they want to see on the School Board. They have a union contract expiring soon so of course they want board members who represent them. Senior citizens and those with no kids in school will be forced to pay higher taxes because fiscal responsibility […]