The pic you MUST see:

Vote Accordingly!

More money for any government never works, they will always want more. #History

The Unit 5 candidates are hand picked by the union. The Board needs to represent citizens, not the union. All the above expect you to vote YE$ on the referendum.

13 thoughts on “The pic you MUST see:

  1. Whether you’re for these candidates or against them, they showed up. A great chance for a candidate to meet hundreds, if not 1,000+ voters. The school board candidates that didn’t appear to meet with voters and state any platform/case: Brad Wurth, Dennis Franks, Amee Jada, and Mollie Emery. If you’re running a campaign and want to connect with voters, events like these are golden. I am surprised that none of them showed up. It seems like that is becoming a pattern with them. I get wanting to go onto Cities 92.9, as Candidate Jada did today. However, the listening audience there is probably not the one they’re trying to convince to support but more trying to get out the vote.


    1. As Diane said, it’s not a vote-winner. It will increase name recognition, but other than that already-supporters will greet you and non-supporters and non-carers will ignore you or even feel imposed upon.


  2. The pancake thing as an ‘event’ jumped the shark a decade ago. Unless you are an ‘ol kiwanai and like pancakes on a paper plate there is no benefit to going. The pancake machine thing is kinda cool tho.

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  3. I don’t care who went. What I do care about is Kathleen and Andy knocking on my door promising to fight to lower taxes. Then I find out they are endorsing school board candidates who are campaigning to raise taxes. I e’ffin hate liars.

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  4. I notice the standard leftist misdirection tactic. “Good schools = Good community” Start with a truism, or something that is at least very popular, and leave out the part that they’re actually working Against it.
    Cut woke indoctrination or cut foreign language? They cut foreign language
    Cut woke indoctrination or cut teachers? They cut teachers
    Cut woke indoctrination or cut music? They cut music
    Cut woke indoctrination or cut sports? They cut sports
    Cut woke indoctrination or cut student clubs? They cut student clubs
    Woke indoctrination takes away from academics plus creates cognitive dissonance that undermines student mental and emotional health, but Still That’s their priority, Not good schools or good community…

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  5. Woke is the past tense of to wake, nothing else. It’s is the far right’s misdirection in that they
    want to end all public education which is the pillar of this country at its beginning. People bloviating about “woke” don’t have any idea what they are talking about as to what is a good education. Education opens one’s mind to science, literature and the entire world. In fact Christian Nationalism which this is all about, IS indoctrination,


    1. If ‘woke’ is nothing more than the past tense of ‘wake’, then Christian Nationalism is nothing more than Nationalism (the pride in one’s country, perhaps for things like defeating fascism and ending slavery) exhibited by Christians (people who follow the teachings of Christ, which were dominated by caring for others). Which means that if one applies your own logic to your own arguments, they aren’t logical. Thus proving the cognitive dissonance inherent to wokeness and why it should Not be imposed on our children and why we should vote against paying for more of it.

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  6. So what? If you haven’t figured out all these people are bull shitters and liars, the joke is on you. It will never change no matter who gets elected. It’s the BN ruling class system at work. It’s entrenched and will never change.


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