Vision Zero

By: Diane Benjamin Remember this story about ZERO deaths or serious injuries by 2030 from automobiles? Instead of calling the program Vision Zero, the McLean County Regional Planning Commission renamed it Go Safe. The purpose of this NATIONWIDE push is to make driving harder. You will be forced to drive at slower speeds instead […]

What did the sign cost?

By: Diane Benjamin Continuing yesterday’s story: You might have forgotten the story I did last December when a cardboard version of the sign appeared: I don’t know how much the sample cost to construct, but I do know: Staff decided it needed to be much bigger than the sample version Staff decided it […]

Proof 1619 Project isn’t history

By: Diane Benjamin Local school Districts claim the 1619 Project isn’t being taught. Obviously it is since numerous students mentioned it at the District 87 School Board meeting. See this article, the author even admits it isn’t history: Nikole Hannah-Jones won a Pulitzer prize for her fiction however. First the Nobel Prize (Obama) diminishes […]

Normal: Underpass over Sewers

By: Diane Benjamin Last weekend’s flooding proved local governments care more about building new than maintaining the infrastructure they already have. Anybody think the underpass Normal is desperate to build won’t flood? Think it won’t get icy in the winter? How will Amtrak passengers get to the other side if either happens? Probably the same […]

Downtown Bloomington website

By: Diane Benjamin Downtown Bloomington has it’s own website. The map below is actual size on that site, yes it’s hard to read. One glaring error – Grossinger Motors Arena should be 13, not 11. How many businesses survived COVID? Comment below if you have any information. Any flooding downtown? The website also has […]

Police are reading this site

By: Diane Benjamin Remember Sonny Garcia parading around with a bullhorn outside the Unit 5 School Board meeting? If anybody felt intimidated at that meeting is was the people trying to get past his screaming. A reader asked me what he was chanting, honestly I couldn’t understand a word of what he was saying. […]

Garbage didn’t make the agenda

By: Diane Benjamin Bloomington won’t be voting on the changes to your garbage service presented last Monday. It didn’t make the agenda, actually not much made the agenda. The Council will still be meeting virtually but most of the Local Emergency Ordinance is being cancelled. See PDF page 179 and following. Of course the […]

Future Illinois teachers will be TRAINED to teach Critical Race Theory

By: Diane Benjamin Of course Illinois doesn’t call it that, we’ve seen the School Boards using alternate terms to disguise what is happening. Illinois calls it: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards In other words, we aren’t a melting pot of Americans. Kids will be educated based on the color of their skin and their […]

Proof the Citizens Summit was supposed to be fixed

By: Diane Benjamin During the “attack” Stan meeting attorney Brian Day stated a long list of people and organizations he contacted concerning Pam Reece’s ethics. Mr. Day has no proof that actually happened since a FOIA sent to Normal by a citizens couldn’t even find an email: The emails below show why the results of […]

What should happen to teachers who publicly state they will Violate the Law?

By: Diane Benjamin This Unit 5 teacher did: He supposedly teaches music. I wonder how Critical Race Theory fits into music? The story: Here Are The Thousands Of Teachers Who Say They’re Willing To Violate Law To Keep Pushing CRT Excerpts: Thousands of teachers have pledged to continue teaching based on critical race theory even […]

Illinois school policy for transgender bathroom use

By: Diane Benjamin This document from the Illinois State Board of Education is dated March 9, 2020: The subtitle to this document is: SUPPORTING TRANSGENDER, NONBINARY, ANDGENDER NONCONFORMING STUDENTS PDF page 10: See now why Illinois passed HB 156? This bill is headed for Pritzker’s signature: That’s boys and girls restrooms. Your kids are still […]

The Rest of Bloomington, grab your wallet

By: Diane Benjamin The IT Department is planning major upgrades, the presentation starts at 50:45. The projected budget for the year that ended 4/30/21 was $3,429,242. The budget for this year increase 15.5% to $4,182,365, an increase of $753,123. Source: Budget PDF page 167 This graphic at 59:19 shows where the IT Department wants […]

Bloomington last night

By: Diane Benjamin City Manager Tim Gleason stated the City still has $100,000 to hand out to small businesses. I don’t know if this is the right page, but start here to see if you qualify: The City anticipates ending COVID restrictions on June 30th. Vaccinations will still happen on a smaller scale at […]

Normal’s fiction

By: Diane Benjamin More on the “Attack” Stan meeting last week. Attorney Brian Day spoke about 3 items-video below: 1) Day didn’t talk about Pam Reece’s procurement ethics, just Stan Nord’s. Day complained about Nord talking to local vendors AFTER the Town had already picked their favorite. Day left out the AFTER. The Town didn’t […]

Bloomington tonight, ridiculous

By: Diane Benjamin In a perfect example of government believing individuals have no responsibility but government does: The McLean County Regional Planning Commission will make a presentation that includes this: Eliminate fatalities and life-changing injuries from our transportation system by 2030 That is the most absurd statement ever written with tax dollars. I can’t […]

Koos makes up his own rules

By: Diane Benjamin Refresh yourself on this story: I apologize to readers, this slipped my mind until I listened to Steve Suess’ show tonight. What is the Normal Public Comment policy? Citizens can only talk before the meeting if their comments are germane to the agenda. What was the agenda for the “attack” […]

District 87 violates the Open Meetings Act

From Edgar County Watchdogs: Excerpt: Bloomington School District 87 has been violating the Open Meetings Act by demanding people reveal their home addresses in order to participate in public comment. The Illinois Attorney General has already issued multiple opinions, at least as far back as 2014, stating that requiring addresses to speak, or even to […]

District 87: Lies or Rogue teacher?

By: Diane Benjamin A reader sent some questions to District 87. The response was written by: Dr. Diane Wolf Assistant Superintendent Curriculum and Instruction District 87 Question: What is the district’s position on the 1619 project and its use in the school’s curriculum?  Response: We do not and never have used the 1619 project as […]

Queen Reece gets a raise

By: Diane Benjamin As requested by Chris Koos: Of course the bobbleheads will approve the request. Being less than transparent however, this is in the actual ordinance: Unless you read the documentation above carefully, you wouldn’t know Pam’s Salary is now over $200,000 to manage what is in reality a small town. Normal is Ruled […]

Illinois makes illegals eligible for COVID bucks, excludes Veterans

By: Diane Benjamin Get vaccinated in Illinois and you will be eligible to win State money (tax dollars) or if 12-17 years old – scholarship money. The rules say residents of Illinois – except if you got the vaccine at a Federal facility: Note: Illegal aliens who are residents of Illinois can win your tax […]

3 more comments from Unit 5

By: Diane Benjamin Expecting public schools to not indoctrinate kids is never going to happen. Instead parents need to demand School Choice. Where your kids go to school should not be decided based on your zip code. It is discriminatory to low income kids who often get tossed into schools with substandard education. If the […]

Unit 5: Community Organizing by the local socialists

By: Diane Benjamin This is video of what met people wanting to attend the Unit 5 School Board meeting last night. Local socialist organizer Sonny Garcia is speaking with the bullhorn. Sonny is employed by Illinois State University, from Open The The yellow vests are their own security team. There was a sign on […]

Stan is ethically challenged? Not even close to the rest of Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin At the “attack” Stan meeting held Monday there was one public speaker who of course spoke glowingly about Pam Reece. Mayor Koos introduced him as Mr. Dullard. Video in this story: So who is Mr. Dullard? From the Secretary of State’s website for searching Corporations: Of course the head of […]

Chris Koos always tells the truth, right?

By: Diane Benjamin Remember this? Yesterday a citizen submitted a scathing letter to the entire Normal Council over their “attack” Stan Special meeting. If you haven’t watched any of it, “Must See” is an understatement. Chris Koos responded to the comment, I redacted the name: The writer then sent this: Koos responded again: I […]

Parent comment: Olympia School Board meeting

Some of the comments are direct quotes from a School Board member who happens to be a pastor. As a result of the District 87 public comments, the Olympia Board president warned the attendees before they were allowed to speak. If mentioning God and the Bible triggers you, don’t watch. Comments about separation of church […]

SB 818 – Sexualizing your kids

By: Diane Benjamin This bill has passed both houses in Springfield by democrats only and is waiting for Pritzker’s signature. Call his office and demand he veto it: 217-782-6830.   Why? Because this is what it does: Unfunded mandate that destroys local control over curriculum Sexually grooms young children by introducing sensitive and inappropriate topics […]

No Stan you aren’t allowed to represent voters

By: Diane Benjamin Every municipality is required by law to have an ethics ordinance, Normal doesn’t have one. Details in this story: Of course, in Illinois laws are immaterial. Last night Normal held a Special Meeting to accuse Stan Nord of disrespecting Pam Reece because he stands up for citizens. Unfortunately Stan has no […]