Stan is ethically challenged? Not even close to the rest of Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin

At the “attack” Stan meeting held Monday there was one public speaker who of course spoke glowingly about Pam Reece. Mayor Koos introduced him as Mr. Dullard. Video in this story:

So who is Mr. Dullard?

From the Secretary of State’s website for searching Corporations:

Of course the head of Bike Blono would support the bike shop owning mayor or there wouldn’t be a flood of new bike trails and lanes.

But it gets worse!

Remember this?

Koos and Pam Reece are allowing Bike Blono to park their trailers on property owned by citizens! That happens to be illegal unless they are paying rent that has been bid out so other people who need a place to park something big can also participate!

Who has an ethics problem

Chris and Pam?

(Does the rest of the Council care? Not a chance, they are ethically challenged too)

The State of Illinois has a code of personal conduct for employees.

Here’s just a snippet of what it says, Koos and Reece would be fired for violating it:

Maybe that’s why Normal doesn’t have one.







12 thoughts on “Stan is ethically challenged? Not even close to the rest of Normal!

  1. Pride goeth before the fall. Koos and Reece undoubtedly have their useful idiot minions paid off to hush-hush. Let’s see if the minions are paid off ENOUGH to risk being caught as accessories.

    1. Ahh the old John Cale song Mercenaries comes to mind – “You can pay ’em enough to make ’em want to kill for ya, but ya can’t pay ’em enough to make ’em want to die for ya.” Yes it will be interesting to see if the minions will be willing to die (not literally of course) on the Koos and Reece garbage heap. Somehow, some way, this extreme cronyism that is part and parcel of Normal Illinois has to end.

  2. Brian Day does not work to protect taxpayers from any illegal or unethical wrongdoings of Queen Reece or King Koos. His job is to find loopholes so the Queen and King can do whatever they wish. Day is also required to defend the town against any claims of wrongdoing that taxpayers may make against the town. He does not serve the interests of the people, he serves the interest of the town, which is essentially Reece and Koos.

    1. In his defense, his primary job is to keep the Town and its officers and officials from getting sued. Nothing about whether or not they Deserve to be. (Even John Wayne Gacy had a defense attorney!) And nothing about responsible use of taxpayer money beyond that legal aspect.
      Plenty of guilt by association, but he’s one of the few involved that cannot be accused of not doing his job properly.

  3. This is the typical response by those who are guilty. Ignore the infraction, turn the table, play the victim, and make your accuser a villain.

  4. Pat also had a habit of contacting agencies like Regional Planning, Parks and Rec and Building and Zoning or just showing up during work hours to “give some ideas” on where and what should be planned for bike trails in the area. If he was told something he didn’t like, he wasn’t above raising his voice and attempting to “go above heads” to get what he, Bike BloNo or McLean County Wheelers wanted. The guy was and is a total arrogant ass hat that is pretty pleased with himself that thinks he has local political power. Typical BN game player from the local corporate playpen.

    1. Sounds like Mike McCurdy, (WGLT & CT) and the Bike BloNo dude from Bloomington who was appointed to the MCRPC by Renner. The one who pushed through the amendment to the Bloomington Bike Master Plan for bike lanes on Washington St. They used their “influence” behind the scenes.

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