Pantagraph now trying to get readers by email!

by:  Diane Benjamin Either the Pantagraph doesn’t think they have enough customers, or they are flaunting their left-wing ideology by email now.  I didn’t receive this, but the person who did forwarded it to me.  No idea where they got this person’s email address since he hasn’t lived in the area for years. Your desperation […]

Pantagraph full of Wing-nut columnists

by:  Diane Benjamin Sunday the Pantagraph scored a two-fer!  I already wrote about the more than ridiculous Gary Sawyer, but I can’t give Alan Guebert a pass.  He never passes up the opportunity to bash the TEA Party and the GOP House on the farm bill. Alan, you can’t really call the bill a “Farm […]

Illinois SEX-ED book-caution GRAPHIC (corrected)

This book is NOT connected to Common Core, this is a result of a bill passed in Illinois to require sex-ed education.  HB2675 by:  Diane Benjamin This text is approved for sex-ed classes, but it is not required.  Each school district can pick what they want to use. This book is for ages 10 […]