The Defund ObamaCare plan – Update

Update:  Word is already out that today’s vote was a setup for the Republicans in the Senate to kill it.  Tell them if they FUND IT THEY OWN it. #DoneWithGOP

by:  Diane Benjamin

First, ignore all the establishment #GOP saying it’s not going to happen.  2 weeks ago they said a vote to defund ObamaCare will never happen in the House – today it did.

It happened because MILLIONS of American are calling DC and telling them ObamaCare is destroying not only Health Care, but the country.  They aren’t going to stop – attention is now on the Senate.

Businesses aren’t hiring because of ObamaCare.

Hospitals are laying people off because of ObamaCare.

Doctors are leaving their practices because of Obamacare.

GDP is dismal because of ObamaCare.

New jobs are mostly part-time to avoid ObamaCare.

Workers hours are being cut to avoid ObamaCare.

Health Care costs are rising because of ObamaCare, not lower as the President promised.

A lot of people can’t keep their doctor as promised by the President.

Millions of people will shift to Medicaid where survival rates from serious diseases are LOWER.

Yes, Death panels do exist!

The American people are being used as pawns while Congress and Big Business are exempt from ObamaCare.  The unions want exemptions from ObamaCare.

Call Harry Reid now and tell him that we will not rest until we stop Obamacare!

Harry Reid: 202-224-35422332333

Sen Ted Cruz is working to unite Republican Senators.  Call Mark Kirk: 202-224-2854

Sen Ted Cruz, Sen Mike Lee, and Sen Rand Paul have vowed to do whatever possible to force a vote.  If the Republicans are united and the American people convey their outrage to every member of the Senate, including Dick Durbin (202) 224-2152, they can either defy us or capitulate.  The bill can at least be delayed a year because it is not ready for implementation.

If the Senate strips the defunding of ObamaCare and sends it back to the House, the House will then fund each part of the government individually, like the military, Social Security & Medicare etc.  If government is shut down – It’s the Democrats fault!

It’s up to those of us who see the ObamaCare train wreck to stop it!  Grab a phone.

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