Chris Koos decides playing dictator doesn’t look good

By: Diane Benjamin The illustrious Mayor of Normal has been spewing edicts for months and calling them Executive Orders. He forgot 6 other people were elected to govern Normal. He failed to get his compliant majority to at least have input. He must have forgotten he just barely won 3 years ago and therefore doesn’t […]

Nikita Richards should be fired today

By: Diane Benjamin Nikita Richards is not only the chair of the local Democrat Party, she is an employee of the City of Bloomington in Human Resources. Yesterday she posted this on Facebook: Nikita just alienated all 130 Bloomington police officers. Nikita accused every officer of being unprofessional at best and racist at worst. How […]

Cannabis windfall?

By: Diane Benjamin Remember when cannabis was legalized in Illinois? Remember how the point system was suppose to award licenses to those most affected by past drug enforcement policies? If those “disproportionately” affected planned to profit they thought wrong. Meanwhile local money is spent in Normal, but where does it go? Jushi Holdings […]

Left off Monday at Bloomington Council:

by: Diane Benjamin Normally the Finance Director presents a report monthly. Monday night City Manager Tim Gleason said it would be posted to the website. It is now: Start with the bottom of page 3. The only reason Bloomington is not bleeding now is because they STOCKPILED your money. Under David Hales the number […]

Boot this Progressive

By: Diane Benjamin Some politicians have a really hard time leaving office. Progressives always have just one more project to complete, and then another, and then another. Progress must be made – problem is it’s “their vision” and not shared by the people paying the bills. Anybody craving an underpass? Chris Koos has joined this […]

Before you believe John Butler:

By: Diane Benjamin John Butler and his lawyers have been telling media John didn’t know his employees were stealing concession money. Evidently he’s such a great guy he agreed to a misdemeanor and paid $450,000 in restitution just because. That of course was after spending who knows how many thousands (hundreds of thousands?) on attorneys […]

WGLT: This took TWO reporters?

By: Diane Benjamin Who knew chatting can’t spread COVID! After dinner drinks at the bar doesn’t spread COVID either, Still don’t believe in #FakeNews? See this story by the ISU media about the President of ISU: Does the picture of Dietz “chatting” show he is following the “rules”? Masks, 6 feet away, etc? It […]

John Butler – the Rest of the case

By: Diane Benjamin State’s Attorney Don Knapp just sent me the final documents. The City of Bloomington is getting $430,230. The Illinois Department of Revenue is getting $19,770. That’s where the $450,000 previously reported came from. Butler plead guilty to a Class A misdemeanor for manipulating concessions sales. BMI Concessions, operated by John Butler plead […]

UPDATE: Recovered from John Butler: $450,000

See this story for more information: Page 1 of release from State’s Attorney Don Knapp. More documents should be coming, this summary doesn’t state why $450,000 was agreed to. It also doesn’t say if Butler agreed to jail time. See the entire document here:

Before anyone considers a mask ordinance – READ this

By: Diane Benjamin I’ve recently done two stories about the City of Leroy considering a mask ordinance. The Council voted it down. See this link: A resident of Leroy received many documents by FOIA. I found this letter from the Police Chief Jason Williamson really good. All units of government considering torturing all their […]

Bloomington: Did the Council just screw you?

By: Diane Benjamin Tari Renner attended the Township meeting held before the Council met at 6:00, but then left claiming he had an appointment. Maybe he didn’t want to discuss a mandatory mask ordinance. Several on the Council would jump at the chance to enforce draconian rules when we know where all the new cases […]

Bloomington Tonight

By: Diane Benjamin Remember: the Coliseum the citizens didn’t want? the first manager and some staff were arrested for stealing your money? the second management company couldn’t meet expectations? the disaster it has been for taxpayers? I hear it has a new manager: Jim Karch. (Demoted Former head of Public Works) Maybe the City Manager […]

UPDATE:  Resign Tari Renner!

The video is from 8/14 – 9 days ago, not a few weeks ago Tari.  Can we had liar to hypocrite. . . By: Diane Benjamin Bloomington’s Mayor Tari Renner is threatening to pull liquor licenses from any establishment that doesn’t follow the COVID rules. Since he isn’t complying, he needs to remove himself from […]

Rivian lawsuit #2

By: Diane Benjamin After I posted the Rivian video story I was contacted by an employment lawyer in California. He has filed one lawsuit against Rivian and has another one in the works. Previous story: This is information only, until this case runs it’s course the facts presented have to be considered conjecture. See […]

Carrillo promotes slavery

By: Diane Benjamin Below is a post by Jenn Carrillo on why people are shooting each other in her neighborhood – see WGLT story The sad truth is Jenn doesn’t expect better behavior. She doesn’t expect citizens to be civil. Just because someone is poor it doesn’t mean they go around shooting each other, […]

This is all you need to know about the Progressive Income Tax Amendment

Ask Governor Take-Out-My-Toliets-To-Avoid-Taxes Pritzker if the rich are going to hang around to pay higher taxes. EVERYONE will be paying higher taxes because Democrats need your money! Eventually retirement income will be taxed. Of course the local far left (socialists) are for taxing the rich, basic economics is way to complicated for them. Watch who […]

COVID vrs Shutdown deaths

By: Diane Benjamin See all of the McLean County Justice Committee reports here: More people in McLean County have died of suicide, drugs, and alcohol since March 2020 than have died of COVID. June 2020 1 suicide – 1 Drug overdose – 1 alcohol and 1 drug vehicle death May 2020 1 suicide – […]

This proves Normal Trustees are just PAWNS

By: Diane Benjamin If you read the story below you saw Stan Nord was cut off last Monday when he asked questions about taxpayer investment in the private Illinois Arts Station: He was cut off because Pam Reece and company have been negotiating behind the backs of the Council for months. All emails received […]

When skin color is all that matters

By: Diane Benjamin If written many stories about the Art and Camille Taylor incident, they are all linked in this story along with the body cam videos: More information has been received by FOIA after an earlier FOIA obviously didn’t produce all of the documents involved. It was filed by John Boch. Start with […]

Normal’s painful meeting

By:  Diane Benjamin Chris Koos was sick so Kevin McCarthy acted as Mayor.  No one adds less intensity to doing the people’s business than McCarthy.  Try to stay awake if you watch. New people showed up at Public Comment. A local businessman wanted to know why he wasn’t allowed to participate in the Town picking […]

Leroy: Don’t Trust your Mayor!

By:  Diane Benjamin Follow up to this story: Yesterday Mayor Dean posted this on Facebook: Was he trying to mislead citizens?  Did he want to make sure nobody showed up to object?  How many citizens thought it really was going to get tabled? “Will” must have other meanings than “will”. If the Mayor wanted […]

Normal tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin The two items below are on the agenda. The documentation claims the Illinois Arts Station has purchased these properties to be used for non-profit art and education center. That means everyone else will pay more in property taxes because these three no longer will be paying.  Get ready for your property […]

Need daycare since schools aren’t opening?

By:  Diane Benjamin School Board elections are next April, how about running?  How about voting? h/t a reader Since teachers refuse to go back to work in a classroom and Unit 5 is allowing them to make the rules, the Town of Normal wants to make some money: I can’t say it any better […]