UPDATE: Recovered from John Butler: $450,000

See this story for more information: https://blnnews.com/2020/08/25/john-butler-the-rest-of-the-case/

Page 1 of release from State’s Attorney Don Knapp. More documents should be coming, this summary doesn’t state why $450,000 was agreed to. It also doesn’t say if Butler agreed to jail time.

See the entire document here:

7 thoughts on “UPDATE: Recovered from John Butler: $450,000

  1. What Tari sees is $450k in “free” money to spend on his pet projects. And, on the one hand, he will take credit for saving money for taxpayers, while saying nothing of the months and years he ignored (and provided cover fire for) the suspicious and unusual activity with Collesium management. Tari would have rather lost more taxpayer money than admit that Diane might have been right. On another note, you have to wonder how much Tari and Fails (er, Hales) pushed the State for a plea deal. Could you imagine either of them testifying in open court under oath?

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