Before anyone considers a mask ordinance – READ this

By: Diane Benjamin

I’ve recently done two stories about the City of Leroy considering a mask ordinance. The Council voted it down.

See this link:

A resident of Leroy received many documents by FOIA. I found this letter from the Police Chief Jason Williamson really good. All units of government considering torturing all their citizens should read it first:

5 thoughts on “Before anyone considers a mask ordinance – READ this

  1. WHY don’t Bloomington HIRE this guy?? He’s got MORE common sense then the whole darn council/mayor AND Manager. And probably makes less too. Yet the “MAsked MAjority” want to defund these folks..

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  2. The dictator-wannabe mayor of Bloomington, along with his ISU prezzzie buddy, have illustrated quite plainly that MASKS DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This is pure visual psyops to keep people afraid, separate, and silenced. I will also note that the profile for Steve Dean, Mayor of Leroy, says that his political affiliation is currently a registered Democrat. Looks like Mayor Dean is on the Pritzker list of useful lackeys as well.

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  3. The LeRoy Police Chief has expressed himself in extremely coherent and sensible terms – mask ordinances to be enforced by LE are ridiculous in other words and he is also correct in saying that people don’t need more reasons to have disdain for the police – the very fact that they have basically turned them into revenuers, especially the state police, is bad enough. That said, here they WILL try real hard to push something like this, and I, I will then load up the ice chest and shop in other communities, and I will do all of my INDOOR dining in those same communities, if they do this. People laying down and taking this nonsense is why they keep doing it, they see all these people in their face diapers and think – “Oh, look they do as told, so let’s turn the screws a little tighter” This mask stuff will not end until enough people say ENOUGH. Of course here I see plenty of them in the car alone, with a mask, riding a bike, alone, in a mask, walking in a park or even cemeteries, alone, in a mask – I find it sad that they can’t see how ridiculous they look. Oh and the “wear a mask to come in the restaurant but you can remove it to eat” If people can’t see how silly this is, I have no hope for them at all. It’s really scary that they have them with zippers now so people can smoke, drink or eat and not completely remove their precious mask.

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  4. Well stated Ronin!
    But HOW’S this for TOTAL stupidity? While at the Bloomington P.O. they now have a can of “Clean pens” but I didn’t see one for the dirty ones. Maybe the clerk takes it with the gloves they also wear !


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