Fire pics and rules don’t matter

By:  Diane Benjamin It doesn’t do any good to impose spending limits on employees when it’s so easy to get around the rules.  The employee below sounds like he is re-ordering signs that were  recently made.  It worked the first time, so do it again. Last night a reader added links to pictures of the […]

Media and the Lake Bloomington Fire

By:  Diane Benjamin The fire at a City owed building at Lake Bloomington was on March 10th.  Below is one of the emails I received by FOIA: Another email identified Mr. Penn as John Penn.  I wonder if he is still waiting for the Pantagraph to report the fire? Just so you have a small […]

I wonder if Tari will show up?

By:  Diane Benjamin The people wanting accountability from Connect Transit aren’t going away.  They will be at Tari’s Open House on Friday: Details: Join riders, advocates, and concerned community members as we call on Mayor Renner to choose rider representation over favoritism on the Connect Transit Board! With two seats vacating on the Connect Transit […]