I wonder if this teacher still has a job?

By: Diane Benjamin Other countries and even some states aren’t abusing their kids with masks. This teacher has it right, the abuse isn’t going to end until we all demand it! The local positivity rate was down to 3.6% as of two days ago – it hasn’t been updated since. Note how many people under […]

COVID Emergency!

By: Diane Benjamin Yesterday around 3:30 I tried to call two communications people at the Town of Normal. Both were out of the office. Friday’s must be get out early day. I wanted to know if masks are required at the Sweetcorn Circus. Pritzker’s latest attack on freedom to breath doesn’t go into effect until […]

Cedar Ridge teachers appalled by citizens!

By: Diane Benjamin Below is a long email signed by 6 Cedar Ridge teachers. Evidently spell check doesn’t work or the writer doesn’t care about spelling when writing to the Superintendent. Kristen Weikle’s response follows. The Unit 5 overlords didn’t appreciate citizens disturbing their meeting. I didn’t feel tension in the room, the writer did. […]

Campustown Clown

By: Diane Benjamin Evidently the owner doesn’t believe vaccines work, is he scared of his shadow too? He only wants vaccinated people in his store but they have to wear a mask? What about people who had COVID and therefore have antibodies? They aren’t allowed in? Daniel C Maloney doesn’t believe people know how to […]

When DSA supports you, you are on the wrong side of history Unit 5

By: Diane Benjamin Remember when the local Democratic Socialists showed up at the June Unit 5 School Board meeting? With bullhorn in hand they obstructed people wanting to enter the building: https://blnnews.com/2021/06/17/unit-5-community-organizing-by-the-local-socialists/ Socialists are anti-American. They believe government makes better decisions than you do and therefore have the right to seize private property, mandate vaccines, […]

Unit 5 will be teaching CRT

By: Diane Benjamin I’m only posting this because Unit 5 School Board is meeting tonight. Critical Race Theory will be taught as part of an elective course this year: CRT starts with the assumption that systemic racism exists. That is a FALSE narrative. There are reason for income disparity, racism isn’t one of them. Your […]

ACLU on Race in America

By: Diane Benjamin We do have two Americas. Unless we start to understand why a wall has been erected to divide us the wall will never come down. The ACLU emailed a podcast today that is a must listen for those who want to know why liberals and progressives are outraged at citizens, parents, and […]

Normal gives away electricity

By: Diane Benjamin Doug Fansler recently filed a FOIA request with the Town of Normal concerning their EV charging stations: Can you please provide details of usage of Town owned charging stations like those in the parking garage (Tesla and all others? If there is a report, please share that with me. Otherwise I would […]

Unit 5 emails you need to see

By: Diane Benjamin ISBE does not have the authority to require masks and there is NO evidence they work. Around 50 Districts around the State are saying no, Unit 5 isn’t one of them. This is an internal email, one child less subject to the mask abuse: Remember the Nazi salute controversy a few meetings […]

ISU needs to watch this father:

By: Diane Benjamin I guarantee you will be cheering too (unless you are woke). The School Board voted to ban CRT after he spoke. Wednesday night the ISU Academic Senate will likely pass by a LARGE majority a graduation requirement to create “woke” students. They call it IDEAS – Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access in […]

Bloomington: Citizens deserve better

By: Diane Benjamin When elected individuals are sworn into office with an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America – citizens have the right to expect them to do it. America has always attempted to create “a more perfect union”, we don’t need representatives that want the system […]

UPDATE: Unit 5 wants sued!

See update at the end. By: Diane Benjamin Unit 5 seems to think they can redact emails without any consequences. I previously reported the Attorney General is finally investigating a claim I filed with them months ago because virtually every email was redacted on a previous FOIA request. I just received a partial FOIA request […]

Bloomington tonight 8/23/2021

By: Diane Benjamin https://www.cityblm.org/home/showpublisheddocument/26853/637649014385500000 From bills and payroll: If you thought anybody was serious about combining the County 911 Dispatch Center with Bloomington’s, buying new furniture likely nixes that idea: Meeting agenda: http://bloomingtonil.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=1&ID=1130&Inline=True Jenn Carrillo’s last meeting – she will likely get a plaque for her service. I wonder if she will show up? Consent […]

Dietz Farewell – lots of maskless

By: Diane Benjamin Thanks to Sonja Reece for posting pics of this event! No, they aren’t all eating. Look in the background for people visiting maskless. Karyn smith proves yet again she has abandoned representing citizens for the elite crowd. Since Pritzker Executive Orders are meaningless so are any uttered by the Town of Normal. […]

Maskless in Normal, ignore Pritzker!

By: Diane Benjamin It wasn’t that long ago when the Town of Normal was punishing businesses with fines who were just trying to stay open. Hypocrisy now should encourage those businesses to file lawsuits against Chris Koos and Pam Reece because TWICE in the past few weeks they have proven that Executive Orders and internal […]

The Town of Normal super-spreaders:

Thanks to Sonja Reece for posting pictures on her Facebook page – h/t a reader. (Pam’s mother-in-law) Pam Reece requires all employees to wear masks on Town property, the Council and staff weren’t masked at last Monday’s meeting on Town property. Karyn Smith flipped quickly to not representing citizens because she likes to party with […]

Here’s how the left won last April

By: Diane Benjamin I have been working with a campaign to analyze how Mayor Koos, Kevin McCarthy, and Chemberly Cummings were reelected. It’s was pretty easy with lots of time and effort because the left knows one thing the right doesn’t: Getting elected is the only thing that matters. How you govern after an election […]

MIA Common Sense in Normal

By: Diane Benjamin Instead of expecting people using Constitution Trail to STOP before crossing busy roads, Normal has put the below in the middle of some streets expecting vehicles traveling much faster to slam on their breaks for bikes and pedestrians: Normal has these on Raab, Shelbourne, Lincoln, Willow and Locust. People who don’t drive […]

New Bloomington Police Chief: Choose

By: Diane Benjamin I did not attend the meet-and-greet last Monday with the two Chief candidates. One person who did told me Jamal Simington, Illinois State Police, appeared as more of leader than Springfield Police Chief Kenny Winslow. City Manager Tim Gleason announced Monday night a special email address can be used for public comments: […]

Bloomington last Monday

By: Diane Benjamin If you’ve been dying to learn all about Bloomington’s sewer system, this meeting was for you. Of course being a civil engineer would have helped understand it. The meeting was 2 hours and 28 minutes long, most of it was the presentation. Mollie Ward’s Council initiative doesn’t happen until 2:09:55. According to […]

Citizens Won then Lost

By:  Diane Benjamin A number of area residents of One Normal Plaza appeared before the Council asking for just one thing: No alcohol in One Normal Plaza. They succeeded in getting this alcohol clause removed from the Planned Unit Development document: The vote was 5-2.  Koos and McCarthy voted against them. Removing this clause was […]

Koos: You are out of order!

By: Diane Benjamin Proving yet again facts can’t be discussed if Koos doesn’t like them, watch the discussion about this item: Koos interpreted Stan over and over, it has to be a secret that Normal is proving they refuse to work with Bloomington. Koos tried to kill Stan Nord’s comments about Normal installing fire hydrants […]

Coliseum Mike parties at your expense

By: Diane Benjamin Chris Koos didn’t ask for nominations from the public before naming his good buddy Mike Matejka Normal’s citizen of the year. If that had been done he would have had to open up the party to everyone, instead it was by invitation only. In the many accolades to support why Matejka was […]