Update: Fly on the Wall: Normal West

The drill was today. It was a planned drill. They did not have enough buses to transport the entire school. Some students were left behind. If this had been a real emergency would that be your child left behind?

Anybody using common sense?

Overheard at parents open house last night:

A school emergency demanding evacuations will have kids bused to Eastview Christian Church. Buses will drive right past Heartland. ISU isn’t available? Parents will have to drive across town to get their kids.

There is a field trip today to rehearse. More time away from learning, many teachers were overheard shocked at how far behind the kids are after remote learning much of last year.

Hey, let’s evacuate the kids across town just for practice, how much catch-up learning is happening today? Zero?

Wonder where Normal Community is evacuated to? Hopefully not Eastview in a huge emergency! Maybe they get bused to Heartland. 😁









8 thoughts on “Update: Fly on the Wall: Normal West

    1. That makes sense. Bussing kids from Normal West to Eastview doesn’t and if today is any indication it’s a failed plan that needs to be changed immediately. One fourth of the student population at Normal West was left behind today. What if this had been a real emergency? It probably would have been much worse. What if they had a bomb threat? Are students going to stand around waiting for a bus to take them to Eastview? Maybe they should call Connect Transit. They have plenty of empty buses.

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