Hum, Uptown Circle

By:  Diane Benjamin Memory Lane: Remember when Normal promised to pay Bloomington Landmark Development around $1,825,000 to bring Portillos to town? The documentation said Sales taxes will easily cover the cost in about 7 years: That was in December of 2016. Just over a year later Normal wrote a huge check to Bloomington Landmark […]

Fly on the Wall: State Farm

Flying around, chatter was heard about Ed Rust returning to State Farm briefly to confront Tipsword and Senior Management on how they are handling things.  Word on the street is Rust was escorted out of the building. Lots of tears were shed yesterday when terminations reached Facilities personnel. Looks like local governments are in complete […]

EDC 2016 Tax Return

By:  Diane Benjamin How did the Economic Development Council lose $298.319 in 2015 and another $326,863 in 2016?  Spending more than they take in! From the 2016 tax return: With losses like their’s, what kind of help did they provide? We now know how much Kyle Ham was being paid in 2016:   PDF page 10 […]

Anybody smell Ham?

By:  Diane Benjamin So yesterday Kyle Ham’s resignation from the Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council was announced. Of course he went on the junket to DC, paid by taxpayers: It looks like him on the far left. The EDC gets their money from government, that would be your taxes.  They are totally unaccountable to you for […]

Your Tax Dollars at work

By:  Diane Benjamin More info at: One Voice in Washington DC begging for money – $1,600 each plus other expenses:

Durbin risks eternity for DNC

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve been waiting for the press to notice, evidently they don’t care. Senator Dick Durbin is a member of a Catholic church in Springfield.  He has been banned by the Diocese of Springfield from taking communion for his failure to protect unborn life. Evidently church teachings do matter! A vote was taken […]

Normal vrs Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal’s budget:   Bloomington’s proposed budget:   Normal is spending $1879.70 per resident. Bloomington is spending $2743.41 per resident Bloomington also has around twice as many employees with benefits and pensions that have to be funded. Which city will be filing for bankruptcy first? . . .    

If LA can’t get people on the bus, we can’t either

By:  Diane Benjamin While our city “leaders” are out in DC begging for money for Connect Transit they are ignoring facts. Tax dollars are being used by government to change YOUR behavior, in Los Angeles it’s not working and it won’t work here either. Source:   Connecting Dots Transit – Los Angeles Excerpts: Over the past […]

Dan Brady

By:  Diane Benjamin The next time you see Dan, ask him who he is supporting for governor.  I hear he won’t answer that question. Maybe the reason is because the House GOP gave him $27,080 since February.  The Illinois GOP is backing the worst Republican Governor in the country according to National Review last December: […]

Media is destroying democracy! (Rauner)

By:  Diane Benjamin We aren’t a democracy, but I might as well use the language of the left.  It fits. It’s bad enough the Pantagraph refuses to do investigative reporting, but now the media is threatening to throw an election for MONEY. Cities 92.9 knows Bruce Rauner is lying in his endlessly running commercial claiming […]

Normal’s Enterprise Fleece

By:  Diane Benjamin The Town of Normal has done the same thing with Enterprise Funds that Bloomington did.  Segregate funds, like water, and then insist the fund pays for itself.  These essential services were formally funded by taxes you already paid.  You continue to pay all the old taxes, but new taxes are levied for the […]

Internet down again

Normal is fleecing it’s citizens, if Internet ever comes back I will prove it!

Skip doing business with Mark Bowers?

By:  Diane Benjamin This pic was not taken at yesterday’s 2nd Amendment Rally, but the rant made by Mark Bowers does refer to Regina Noland’s comments about gun rights in the media.  (Was Mark a troll?) According to his Facebook page, he is an agent with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Snyder Real Estate. Mark is the guy […]

Most media can’t count

By:  Diane Benjamin WAND TV reported around 90 people attended yesterday’s 2nd Amendment Rights rally. WJBC reported “over 100”. Pantagraph reported close to 200 – usually  they can’t count! The actual count (of those who signed) was 159. Most of the people were from Bloomington-Normal and surrounding small towns.  A few came from Peoria, Canton, […]

2nd Amendment Rights – pics

WAND TV Reported 90 people – This Is why I had people Sign: WJBC reported over 100. By:  Diane Benjamin The rally was held today in front of the BCPA.  I had people sign in – 159 people did.  I’m not sure if everyone signed, there could have been more.  WEEK 25, Cities 92.9, […]

UPDATE: State Farm needs to come clean

5000+ employees will be told what SF has planned at 10 an today.  Some will relocate, some will stay, some will be out of a job.   By:  Diane Benjamin How many State Farm employees are going to be left in Bloomington if the ax ever quits falling on employees? Does anybody believe 15,000? Local […]

Normal – crashing!

By:  Diane Benjamin Besides the final payments for Koos, Reece, and Aldrich to party in Washington DC at One Voice, questionable frivolous spending is down for Monday’s meeting. These items are contracted, so Normal can’t say now they made bad decisions: Why is Normal handing out down payment assistance?  Vote buying?   Now this […]

How bad are Normal’s finances?

By: Diane Benjamin What we do know: The freshman class this year at ISU was down 9.3% State Farm has cut employees and is cutting more Normal has a budget deficit (local media reports) The Normal Library has decided not to build new – the library WAS the centerpiece of Uptown 2.0  (local […]

Normal feeds themselves and more

By:  Diane Benjamin See the entire response to my FOIA  HERE I filed a FOIA request for some items identified in this story: The Koos accident report was part of the FOIA: Page 25 says Mayor’s insurance pending – it wasn’t his fault, so why is his insurance pending? Also FOIA’d was: If Normal […]

Get Scott Laughlin some gun facts!

The 2nd amendment wasn’t written when the only guns were muskets! Scott Laughlin thinks today’s guns don’t qualify as a right.  He needs to know HISTORY. Excepts: Gun-control advocates often argue that gun-control laws must be more restrictive than the original meaning of the Second Amendment would allow, because modern firearms are so different […]

Mental Health Alert!

By:  Diane Benjamin What sane people lose $961,115.06 in one month and think they deserve more money? PDF page 8: Connect Transit! On the Special Meeting agenda for Bloomington Monday: Starting on PDF page 17 Ends on page 35 – just something Farnsworth threw together for Connect Transit: The medium brown spot is […]

One Voice – Wasting your money?

By:  Diane Benjamin You get to pay for a bunch of people to gravel in Washington DC for money.  It’s the annual One Voice trip which supposedly shows local officials standing united.  The trip is March 6th to the 8th. The EDC has finally released what they are going to beg for: Maybe we should […]

The Koos auto accident report

By:  Diane Benjamin It was just a couple of days ago when I reported the Town of Normal paid $2,655.49 for repairs to the Mayor’s car. I REALLY appreciate the fast responses I get from Normal! The accident happened in Normal’s award-winning roundabout.  Koos was driving a 2012 Mitsubishi Mi-EV, owned by the Town […]

Why was Subway’s rent lowered?

By:  Diane Benjamin PDF page 41 The Subway located inside Uptown Station isn’t prospering as expected.  It might have something to do with the Town not allowing them to have a sign visible from the street so people know they are there.   From the discussion last Monday, the Town may allow them to use Sandwich […]

Early Voting is SLOW – Yippy!

By:  Diane Benjamin I’m hearing early voting numbers are very low.  That’s a good thing!  There is LOTS of campaigning yet to do, voters need facts first.  The actual election isn’t until March 20th! Thanks to Bruce Rauner’s endless mailings filled with lies, Jeanne Ives now has name recognition across the state.  I can’t believe […]

Sports complex imminent

By:  Diane Benjamin Quality of Life.  Economic driver. Government thinks they create prosperity, the opposite is true.  They redistribute your money to their preferred providers for services they want.  Essential services, like fixing the roads, are immaterial. The Normal Town Council unanimously agreed to spend $47,000 on a study that will say exactly what they […]

Welcoming Ordinance so illegals can vote?

By:  Diane Benjamin Governing should not be based on “feelings”, that’s why we have laws.  The local rag tried to make laws immaterial by profiling a family brought here to work for State Farm.  State Farm doesn’t need them anymore, so their visas are expiring.  They have two choices:  1)  go home  2) find another […]

Early Voting starts tomorrow!

By:  Diane Benjamin Early voting is nothing more than a ploy to get people to vote before they have facts.  It takes a long time to herd people to the polls who might not be so excited about voting.  Cue the Community Bus. Don’t do it! Lines for voting in a Primary are never long, […]

Normal’s compenstion

By:  Diane Benjamin The people forced to pay Normal’s employees – TAXPAYERS – have a right to know how much they are paying. If Normal posts employee compensation anywhere on their website, it is well hidden.  Luckily, has the 2016 salaries.  Benefits and the cost of pensions are NOT included. See all the salaries […]

Normal’s twice a month fleece

By:  Diane Benjamin Monday’s meeting: Yes, Normal is hiring a firm to investigate building a sports complex.  The price is $47,000.  These are the questions the firm will answer: The answer to #1 will of course be it’s feasible.  Consultants rarely say it’s a horrible idea. #2 will be a joke because any project that costs […]

Smart enough to be elected?

By:  Diane Benjamin Frequently we look at elected individuals and wonder who in the world would vote for them? Worse, who in their right mind thinks elections should be held for 40 days?  In Illinois, that would be democrats who think it’s a hardship to get to the polls. Voting was once a sacred duty […]

What did Tari say?

By:  Diane Benjamin Monday’s Bloomington City Council meeting ended with accusations against Tari for what 2 aldermen heard he said at the conference below. It would be really easy to find out the truth – just ask Mike Matejka or Chris Koos – they were there with Tari: You might want to look at […]

Early voting delayed

The below was sent by McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael and Paul Shannon from the Bloomington Election Commission: (It’s ridiculous to vote this early anyway!)

Chris Koos – Hot Mic

By:  Diane Benjamin Before the Town Council meeting last night a discussion was caught on hot mic. It starts with mentions of all the kids showing up at City Hall – evidently arrested after getting caught at a party. Chris Koos then calls a person crazy – Kevin Simpson. What does he say about you […]

Normal Monday spending

By:  Diane Benjamin Source: (click any pics to enlarge) Plans and spending to replace the library continue: (If your income was down, would you continue with plans to build a new luxury house just because you want it?) Apparently Normal is sending 4 people to DC for One Voice – $1600 each.  These are […]

Bloomington gets funny too

By:  Diane Benjamin Remember that joint meeting of the Council, Library Board, and Connect Transit that 5 members of the Bloomington City Council voted not to hold?  Remember Tari called a special meeting anyway? Remember how he claimed his Downtown Task Force worked for months and had a right to be heard?  Remember the editorial […]

Too Funny Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin When a Request for Review is filed, the Attorney General’s office sends the complaint to the government body and lets them respond. I just received Normal’s response to what I filed concerning their workshop that wasn’t posted. They claimed it wasn’t a real meeting and no decisions were made.  It was supposedly […]

Normal: Investigated and sued

By:  Diane Benjamin The Attorney General’s Public Access office is investigating the Town of Normal for a meeting they held on January 18th.  No agenda was posted for this meeting.  That is a violation of the Open Meetings Act because the public was not notified this meeting was going to take place. The only information […]

UPDATE – Soccer: You had FIVE years

Normal wants a study for between $40,000 and $60,000 to see if a sports complex makes sense. Seriously? ____________________ By:  Diane Benjamin The local soccer people held a press conference in August 2013 to demand taxpayer funding for their complex.  It was complete with cute little kids in their soccer uniforms.  The group handed out […]

Holocaust – Never forget

By:  Diane Benjamin World-wide Holocaust remembrance day was last Saturday.  This short video from a survivor proves why we can’t ever forget what happened. Below are two more of the essays from the kids who went to Auschwitz last summer with the local Diversity project.  This is the fifth story I’ve printed with their essays.  […]

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