Recap of Bloomington last night

By: Diane Benjamin 33:10 – Mayor Mwilambwe recognized the 4 aldermen that are leaving office April 30th. Mboka gave a short speech and presented each with a plaque. (Remember when Normal totally ignored Stan Nord’s 4 years?) Public comment starts at 44:00. Two speakers thanked their outgoing aldermen. Gary Lambert is a can’t miss at […]

Normal: Democrats move bill to take away your rights to representation

By: Diane Benjamin Sen Dave Koehler is doing Normal’s bidding in the Illinois Senate by sponsoring HB 3337. This is the Chung bill ONLY for Normal that exempts them from complying with Municipal Code for Incorporated Towns and allows them to continue operating with a City Manager instead of a Supervisor. An elected Clerk would […]

Koos Dream Goes Up In Natural Gas

By: Diane Benjamin Watch which local media sources report this story. It will prove who is #FakeNews and who isn’t. Refer back to this story: Chris Koos wants Uptown 2.0 built without any natural gas pipelines. Normal thinks that is “sustainable”. It’s also illegal. In Koos world laws don’t matter however. He didn’t want […]

Unit 5 doesn’t have a policy

By: Diane Benjamin All of the emails below were received by FOIA. The redactions were rightfully done by Unit 5, I have no interest in the names of students. This is not the only email talking about “dead name”. This is yet another made-up term your kids are expected to normalize. If a student has […]

School District Facts – maybe move to Indiana

By: Diane Benjamin summarizes property taxes by state. Indiana property tax rates as a percentage of home value is less than half what Illinois is. Of course everyone knows schools drive Illinois property taxes. Indiana School Districts: The largest public school district in Indiana, Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) is an agile, innovative educational organization […]

Too Much Hilarity: Connect Transit

By: Diane Benjamin March 28, 2023 meeting: Connect had an operating deficit in March of $1,231,478. Every Fixed Route passenger was subsidized $5.13, celebrate though! February was $6.23. Every ride on Mobility was subsidized $34.75. Celebrate again because in February it was $34.90. Read the Congressional Update starting on page 13. It details the […]

The Kevin Phares abuse by WGLT/ISU

By: Diane Benjamin FYI: The Vote Yes people committed more electioneering at ISU on Tuesday. Of course no prosecutions will happen, they were eventually kicked out by the election judges. Winning is all that matters to the left, breaking laws or lying is immaterial. Keep reading for proof. This is what happened, I hope Cities […]

One more from Normal last night

By: Diane Benjamin HB 3337 was brought up again by Stan Nord. He wants the Council to vote on proposing municipal code changes instead of the Town going behind the backs of most elected officials. Keep in mind this bill ONLY applies to Normal AND permanently recuses the Town from following the current code for […]

Normal: Koos Kingdom Continues Tonight

By: Diane Benjamin More proof Koosville is not government for the citizens. Normal is whatever Koos wills – kneel now serfs! The people who serve on Normal’s Boards and Commission don’t work for the citizens – they work for Koos. Citizens aren’t allowed to know who is being appointed until after the Council approves […]

Who I would vote for

Most people do not vote in local elections. That means the elites can get anyone in office they want. They REAL extremists are the ones who make plans with your money on non-essentials while underfunding essential services. Failure to vote keeps them in office. Tuesday is another chance to fix local governments. Only because I’ve […]

Democrats don’t believe in non-partisan

By: Diane Benjamin This website is funded by the Democrat Party with money Pritzker is pouring into local elections. Non-partisan doesn’t exist and hasn’t for a LONG time (if ever). Below are some bills the Democrats just passed they say who the extremists are: HB 3093 – Requires all public restrooms be stocked with menstrual […]

Desperado Kathleen Lorenz

By: Diane Benjamin Let’s pretend you bought a piece of property in Normal. That property has been connected to Normal’s sewer system for a least a decade. You are the 4th owner of this property in that decade. You want to develop the property but the Town tells you to include parts of the property […]

The Terri Ryburn/Sprague fleece continues

By: Diane Benjamin If you are an insider with the Town of Normal you get deals like a place to live for $120 a year. Review this story on the “Historic” Sprague gas station: Normal is going to spend more money on the building. They are requesting bids for asbestos removal: You can […]

Thanks, but it isn’t over yet

By: Diane Benjamin Please continue to file Witness Slips as an opponent to HB 3337: Below are the Committee Members who will hear the bill at 11:00 am today. The Republican Board members are aware of the real intent of this bill, the Democrats aren’t. Sharon Chung doesn’t even know what the bill is, […]

File Witness Slips Now! Hearing is 11:00 tomorrow

By: Diane Benjamin You need to file 2. Then SHARE! This link is to file against Chung’s 2nd amendment to HB 3337: This link is to file against Chung’s 3rd amendment to HB 3337: Review this story if you need help: Opponent – Record of Appearance Only .

What Happened with the Chung bill:

By: Diane Benjamin There wasn’t a hearing on HB 3337 yesterday because Sharon Chung filed an amendment to the bill. That means it has to go back to the Rules Committee before being heard at the Counties and Townships Committee. The amendment was a stall tactic, it didn’t change anything. Maybe she saw the Witness […]

Normal needs a PSCRB

By: Diane Benjamin Thankfully Bloomington’s Monday meeting was short. Most of it was the annual report of the Public Safety and Community Relations Board. The Board only had 3 cases to review for the entire year. In one case the Board made a policy recommendation the police did adopt but in all three cases the […]

Fire Works in Normal Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin 6 people spoke during Public Comment last night. Of course they had to wait until the end of the meeting because the Town of Normal wants to make sure the plebs don’t interfere at the beginning. Luckily the agenda was short so they weren’t sitting around for hours waiting to speak. The […]

Do This Right Now: Witness Slip!

By: Diane Benjamin More on this story: The language of this bill was modified so it has to go back to the Counties and Townships Committee. That will at 4:30 tomorrow. If you see this bill for the sham it is, please file a Witness slip as an opponent: Use this link: Fill […]

Normal Tonight

By: Diane Benjamin PDF page 36: Normal is handing out your money to promote Uptown. More interesting is this paragraph claims Trail East and Trail West are still going to happen. Unless they aren’t telling citizens, nothing is happening with either. The latest developer backed out last November: PDF page 66: The Council […]

Normal’s latest fleece

By: Diane Benjamin Follow-up to this story: At the March 6, 2023 Council meeting the Water Director, John Burkhart, wanted to start buying parts from a company in Washington Il instead of the local supplier they have used for decades. Here’s the problem: Normal doesn’t stock a lot of parts because they claim they […]

Resign Kristen Weikle

By: Diane Benjamin Besides the fact that Weikle has known about the “structural deficit” for years and did nothing to fix it, she is either allowing illegal activity or promoting it. Anyone believe how she runs Unit 5 is perfectly legal? She is hiding what is really being taught to your kids. What did Dr. […]

Unit 5 Fails: Visual

The below is compiled from data on the Illinois Sate Board of Education. More in this story: Quality of Education is going down. More money isn’t going to reverse this course. Electing the people who caused the problems won’t either. Don’t get excited about Unit 5 being above Statewide average. Illinois is BELOW the […]