The winning email! Unit 5

By: Diane Benjamin

If you missed the update to Normal West’s evacuation drill, at least 25% of the students were left behind because of not enough buses.

I’m reading a ton of emails from Unit 5, I also have emails from District 87 I haven’t started reading yet. One thing is clear, some parents believed schools were educating their kids with the basics required to be successful and therefore didn’t get heavily involved in education. Others, including outside groups, drive the education agenda they want to see taught. They aren’t doing it at public meetings, it’s all behind the scenes so parents don’t know.

This is allowed because those leaning left are in charge of education. They are kindred spirits, proof below.

I’ve been holding the email below for quite awhile. Some of the names are familiar, others are just email addresses, maybe you can recognize them. This email came from Unit 5 even though it is a group one would think shouldn’t have input on education, it is included because Patrick Lawler (teacher) is copied at his Unit 5 address. Why have “opportunities to discuss racism”? Obviously this group meets frequently to make sure racism doesn’t die.

Know this lady?

She spews hate for you while claiming it’s you who spews hate. I wonder what “hate blogs” she is talking about?

Sarah Breeden is hereby named: Most Divisive Email Writer

Congrats Sarah!

(Kristen Weikle is a close 2nd)

Sarah email:

Weikle’s response, note Sarah included two pronouns, Weikle included 3. Gee, who do you think the Superintendent agrees with? Nice email? Really Kristen?

14 thoughts on “The winning email! Unit 5

  1. I actually know her. Years ago she sold Longaberger Baskets which is why I know her. Also our kids were on Sharks swim team. Plus she is married. So on the outside she portrays one image, behind the scenes she’s this marxist radical. Plus one of her daughters is just like her–Christine. To everyone who currently has children attending Unit 5, please speak out at school board meetings, meet with and talk to the teachers. Continue to tell them what you’re thinking. Ideally, homeschooling is best. But if you cannot, please stay involved in the schools.

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  2. What a prize she is – oh and the “hate” thing started back in the 90s, the teens and early 20s of that age group started saying that people were “hatin’ ” if they disagreed with them or even didn’t like the same music that they did such as a person would say “HOW can you listen to Slipknot, they are horrid” and the reply would be “OMG WHY you hatin’ on Slipknot?” – You see how these cultural cliches and the like serve to further influence them in EVERYTHING? Anyone who is not in lock-step is a “hater” any thought process or opinion that is not just like THEIRS is hate speech. We have a VERY long hard and rocky road to navigate to get ourselves out of this abyss that this country, and many others, have fallen into.

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  3. I am not passionate about masks one way or the other. But I am disgusted that the new Superintendent characterized Sarah’s email as “NICE.” So spewing hate against one side of an issue is considered “nice” behavior. Are they teaching our children that bullying and shaming people to agree with your opinion is how productive debate and dialogue works? This sets the tone for all future disagreements parents may have against this administration.

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  4. Sarah Breeden is the epitomy of the “Karen” in our class years ago, who tried valiantly to get the teachers attention by saying the same thing twice…… incessently ! She didn’t have her own thoughts. She parroted until finally called upon to back her statements with known facts ….. and then froze (to VIRTUAL attend a FARCICAL HOLIDAY celebration ) from her (correct pronoun?) secluded and secure, probably “doors locked” home sanctuary.

    Zoom classrooms destroyed forever the confidence and security parents felt regarding their children’s education. Additionally, masks and CRT (whether you choose “Culturally Responsive Teaching or Critical Race Theory), built on the back of “new math”, all challenged who was for the children and who was more in favor of political theatre and indoctrination….a trickle down opportunity from wasted university education indoctrination.
    So parents are outraged at the usurpation of common sense, thought producing, basic skills teaching and rightly so! It’s a “fool me once, don’t try to fool me twice” scenario. Parents are speaking for their children. School boards and the establishment are speaking for power.
    Current studies indicate that a majority of educators undeniably favor private schooling for THEIR offspring. The regular, not as well off, undeniably favor a better outcome for their offspring too !!! That’s a fairly reasonable expectation “if you’ve been taught to THINK in reasonable terms”…..a concept lacking among college educated, self-important bureaucrats and K-12 power mongers.
    Parents get the most attention if they employ their loud and boisterous interpretation of trained and paid, no-consequences-enforced rioters. They are rightly outraged and aghast at the lack of education afforded all kids, at taxpayer expense. They didn’t choose to purchase D grade education at A grade expense. It is remarkable that school districts, funded by taxpayers, have so easily relegated their authority to the unions and examples of government accountability. And they are succeeding in the same way federal and state accountability has sidestepped those funding their enforcement tactics.
    Is it likely that parents and taxpayers can make a substantial difference ? We have common sense and “critical THINKING” on our side …..God bless us, I hope so !!!

    Sarah ……i forgot to sign, Deb S

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  5. How can you have bodily autonomy and male genital mutilation at the same time? How about bodily autonomy and discussions of vaccine mandates? People like this crack me up with their hypocrisy and lies.

    This person is an idiot.

    It’s obvious our public education system does not work and is broken beyond repair.

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  6. Yep! “Dr.” Kristen Weikle (she, her, hers) is in way, way over her head and isn’t long for this job. She’s a train wreak. Not quite on the caliber of Joe Biden, but close.

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