Decatur rebuilt their downtown! Cost here

By:  Diane Benjamin Decatur taxpayers are outraged at the money their City Council spent making downtown a walk-able, livable sustainable space.  They built it and NOBODY came.  Sound familiar? While reading, keep in mind:  The lighting plan for downtown Bloomington is $8.5 Million.  Taxpayers already paid $74, 670 for the study. Downtown Decatur died decades […]

Court today

By:  Diane Benjamin The judge is supposed to make a final ruling today, 9:00 am, in my Freedom of Information case against the City of Bloomington.  She may be interested in an email I have Tari Renner wrote to a citizen blaming me for all the lawyer fees incurred by the City fighting transparency.  He […]

YOUR opinions don’t matter to Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin The City held a Citizens Summit.  Participants sent a strong message:  Fund essential services first – not wants! The City surveyed citizens.  Citizens sent the same message:  Citizens’ Priority Survey Results Citizens reiterated the same to the Council during public comment last night.  Watch starting at 4:55 Following, Tari gave his State […]