Normal doesn’t have enough money! (what’s new)

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tell your boss you need a raise.  The Town of Normal doesn’t have enough money because the revenue they anticipated from taxes is lagging behind projections.  Therefore, they have to take more of your money.  A new gas tax and higher garbage fees coming.  Government can’t be expected to subsidize essential services you already pay for, they have PLANS!  I’m sure you boss will understand and happily give you more money.

Meanwhile, another $60,000,000 spending spree is planned by Mayor Koos.

If Uptown is creating sooooo much economic activity, why are tax receipts less than expected?  Maybe Dan Brady should “pay his fair share” for rent in his district office instead of the Normal residents subsidizing him.  It’s illegal to not rent at fair market value, but since when do laws matter to government:  What is Koos expecting in return from Brady?

Bloomington passed a .04 gas tax, so of course Normal has to match it.  I’m surprised it took so long.  City Manager Peterson claims $18 a month for garbage is a bargain, so he is entitled to increase it from the current $12.  Evidently $12 is a give-away the Town can’t afford.

With City elections coming up in April, most politicians would keep their taxing agenda a secret until after they are elected or re-elected.

In Normal it’s unnecessary.  Most citizens don’t vote.

That might have something to do with nobody but Koos cronies to vote for though.






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