How it’s done in Texas vrs Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal decided they had to spend tax dollars for a bike share program: Instead of allowing Zagster to set up their own program, if there is even a demand for bike sharing, the Town once again usurped capitalism. How is bike sharing done in the most liberal city in Texas – […]

Who is advertising on Connect Transit now?

By:  Diane Benjamin In the latest show of support for the socialist Connect Transit redistribution of wealth, WGLT public radio has been joined by another government entity: At least one person is on the bus! Can we assume no private sector businesses want their name attached to this fleece of taxpayers? Speaking of public radio […]

Get ready for VenuWorks fiction

By:  Diane Benjamin Below are the Quarterly losses VenuWorks has previously reported for this fiscal year: 5/1/2018 – 7/31/2018  -130,634.54   PDF page 5 8/1/2018 – 10/31/2018  -96,333.02    PDF page 5 11/1/2018 – 1/31/19    -68,108.47      PDF page 5 Year to date for THREE quarters shows a loss of $295,076.03. The 4th […]

BN Advantage Magazine

By:  Diane Benjamin This link describes what BN Advantage is: If somebody can explain what it is other than a cheer-leading squad for those who know the “right fit”, please let me know. Last week BN Advantage mailed a glossy magazine, likely to businesses.  I has 8 pages of members and another 21 […]

Emergency Landing – the rest of the story

By:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph did this story about a flight from Columbia Mo. to Chicago made an emergency landing in Bloomington last night: That story might make you think it was no big deal.  Other media has a different story.  Evidently the Pantagraph didn’t send a reporter to the airport to talk to […]

Blm Fireman #4, Veterans/DOD, Route 66 loss

By:  Diane Benjamin Do some Bloomington Firemen have a problem with respecting the law?  Four in a little over a year: #1: #2 and #3: Since two firemen were involved, I’m counting them was 2 and 3.  Only one was charged. #4 is new. I redacted the plaintiff’s name.  This happened in Sangamon […]

Children’s Home and Aid fundraiser

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s been 10 years since Jack and Duncan Leichtenberg were murdered by their father.  The authorities claimed there wasn’t enough money for supervised visits.  This is the 9th year Amy Leichtenberg is holding the: Taking Steps to End child Abuse 5K Color Run/1 Mile Walk Around 127 pre-registered and around 15 walk-ins […]

Update: Is the University of Illinois covering up?

New story from Champaign: By:  Diane Benjamin The Champaign newspaper did this  story yesterday: Professor Joe Petry, who was previously put on leave, plans to retire at the end of May.  He was previously a mayoral candidate in Champaign and has resigned as a member of the Historical Preservation Commission. What is he […]

Community Health Care Story problems

By:  Diane Benjamin The paper did a story about the Community Health Care Clinic: Excepts: Illegal aliens can’t legally work, what infrastructure work are they doing?  Slave labor? Bloomington changed the JM Scott Healthcare Trust because they didn’t have many people needing help.  At the time they blamed the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid […]

Will Rivian quit fleecing taxpayers now?

Correction:  Ford invested $500M not $400M. By:  Diane Benjamin Since Rivian now has $500,000,000 from Ford, will they continue to accept subsidies from taxpayers?  PDF Page 4 and following: December 8, 2016 What are the details that “will be negotiated at a later date“? I’m sure they still want the property tax rebate – everybody […]

Who’s on First?

By:  Diane Benjamin Nothing is more frustrating than government employees who can’t get their story straight. Here’s another example: See PDF page 4 of the February City Manger’s report: According to the guy in charge, the BCPA held 6 events in February. How many do we have event reports for? TWO! Where are […]

Do Pot Holes reported get fixed?

By:  Diane Benjamin This report was filed with the City of Bloomington through the MyBloomington App: Wood Street is not on the original list of roads scheduled to be resurfaced: If a new list has been created since the Motor Fuel Tax increase passed, I haven’t seen it. The person who submitted the request […]

Connect Transit and ISU – FACTS

By:  Diane Benjamin The purpose of this story is to clarify how many ISU students ride buses and how much ISU pays for those rides. Keep in mind employees at ISU ride with a pass just like students.  The information I received does not distinguish between the two. To determine what the relationship is between […]

A FREE event not from government

This deserves your support!  No government dollars stolen for this FREE event: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Connie Beard, [email protected], (309) 824-9394 Crossroads Area Student Theater to showcase ‘Godspell Jr.’ Bloomington-Normal Illinois Crossroads Area Student Theater (C.A.S.T) is back this spring with an exciting production of the hit Broadway musical ‘Godspell’. The talented group of young people […]

Bloomington Council last night

By:  Diane Benjamin The meeting was scripted with pre-determined results, there was very little discussion on anything. The Public Hearing started with a presentation of how the Federal Grant money (CDBG) will be spent.  No one commented, it wouldn’t have changed the vote anyway.  People were urged to take the survey to determine how next […]

125 Premium Red Roses!

By:  Diane Benjamin Sam’s Club payments show up frequently on Bloomington’s Bills and Payroll.  I filed a FOIA request for receipts on this one: This was the first response:  Sam’s Club invoice for FOIA 19-04-0403_Redacted The invoices show purchases of lots of food.  By looking up the person who placed the order, I can see […]

The Truth we already knew

By:  Diane Benjamin The Welcoming Ordinance will be quickly back before the Bloomington City Council as soon as the new Council members are seated.  This time it will easily pass.  It will also be a lie. Citizens will be told the ordinance is only to make illegals feel comfortable enough to report crimes.  That isn’t […]

Connect Transit Fools

By:  Diane Benjamin The waste of valuable resources continued in March.  The far right column is year-to-date, 3 months remain in their fiscal year. Nobody should be surprised by Mike McCurdy’s comments in the article below.  He is not listening to the people.  He was appointed by Chris Koos who also doesn’t listen […]

Carlo: Explain this!

By:  Diane Benjamin See this previous story: Democrat County Board member Carlo Robustelli berated GOP Chair Connie Beard for inferring municipal election are actually partisan. Carlo:  Why did the Democrat Party interfere in the last local non-partisan election? Maybe they aren’t really non-partisan Carlo?  Erik Rankin sure thinks they aren’t!  See picture below. The […]

Things that don’t fit anywhere else

By:  Diane Benjamin It looks like Kroger won’t be building on East College.  There is a sign on the property now advertising Commercial property for sale,. The Pantagraph ran the story below using 10 years of data, not the data from last year showing the Bloomington-Normal Metro area lost population. Say it together:  #FakeNews.  […]

Monday Merriment for Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin Agenda and documentation: The agenda is slammed with final spending from the budget that expires 4/30/19 and spending from the new budget just passed. Either this never made the news or I missed it, a fire at Lake Bloomington destroyed two vehicles that are being replaced.  The fire was in March […]

Bloomington Union ratifies contract without SLBB

By:  Diane Benjamin City of Bloomington AFSCME Local 699 ratified a new contract yesterday that eliminates Sick Leave Buy Back.  The City Council will approve it Monday.  Congrats to both sides! For once the City did not hire a Chicago lawyer to negotiate for them.  That made a contract easier to achieve and saved both […]

Yep, People are leaving

By:  Diane Benjamin Source: Excerpts: U.S. Census data released Thursday showed the population in every one of the state’s metropolitan areas declined in the past year for the first time. The Chicago metropolitan area, which includes suburban cities and portions of Wisconsin and Indiana, reported the largest population decrease in the nation, shrinking by […]

Off to Hawaii!

By:  Diane Benjamin Bills and Payroll for Monday: See the agenda for the US Conference of Mayors here: Note the “Best practices” sessions.  They want everybody to think what works in Los Angeles will work in Bloomington.  Only fools think “best practices” can be determined by people not familiar with local conditions.  Tari […]

Downtown wins, rest of Bloomington immaterial

By:  Diane Benjamin Monday night the City Council got a long report from multiple City employees on what is happening downtown this summer. Your large garbage pickup got changed to twice a year, downtown will see garbage and recycling picked up 7 days a week.  The streets will be swept twice a week.  The Way […]

Gearing up for the Welcoming Ordinance

By:  Diane Benjamin If you needed any more proof the YWCA is one of the radical centers of McLean County: DSA is Democratic Socialists of America. They claim democratic socialism is much different from regular old socialism.  It isn’t.  It is just the first step to becoming Cuba or Venezuela.  They convince people to vote […]

More Local Dems hilarity

By:  Diane Benjamin Can 97% of taxpayers in Illinois pay less in taxes while the State plans to spend more?  The local Democrat Party must think citizens have ZERO common sense: They don’t mention Springfield is planning to give financial aid to illegal aliens too. The FLAT income tax has been continually increased.  The State […]

Local Transit proves socialism fails

By:  Diane Benjamin We have decades of history proving every form of government eventually fails when those in power do not let the free markets work.  Even capitalism will fail when government interferes and large corporations are allowed to write their own legislation to eliminate competition.  See Net Neutrality for an example, Google was an […]

Normal: Whining and Crying

By:  Diane Benjamin The Normal Town Council meeting last night was over TWO hours long.  Not because there was heavy discussion of spending, it was tribute night for departing Jeff Fritzen and RC McBride.  The election is still stinging the establishment!  The are worried about “the plan” and should be. The $100 a month lease […]

Illinois is #1

By:  Diane Benjamin WalletHub published a study of State taxation in March.  WallettHub is Tari Renner’s favorite study to quote since in the past they have rated Bloomington as a great place to live.  Those days should be over. Including the District of Columbia, Illinois ranks #1 with highest tax burden! “Taxpayers in the […]

Is Normal handing out a cheap lease?

By:  Diane Benjamin This item is on the consent agenda, meaning unless it gets pulled there won’t be any discussion: This is the space the engineering department used before moving to the space in 1 Uptown Circle which costs the Town $35,248.77 a month now (See PDF page 10).  Worse, the first floor […]