Who is advertising on Connect Transit now?

By:  Diane Benjamin

In the latest show of support for the socialist Connect Transit redistribution of wealth, WGLT public radio has been joined by another government entity:


At least one person is on the bus!

Can we assume no private sector businesses want their name attached to this fleece of taxpayers?

Speaking of public radio and Connect Transit:


(Note the misspelling)

Mike McCurdy is Connect Transit’s Board Chair.

How many tax dollars were used to fund Mike McCurdy’s gallivanting?

Why is public radio organizing trips to complete with the private sector?

I wonder if Mike will see all the Ronald Reagan statues in eastern Europe?  Maybe he can find out America is much loved there.  They know who freed them from communism and USSR tyranny without firing a shot.

Thanks to the TWO readers who sent these tips!

5 thoughts on “Who is advertising on Connect Transit now?

  1. Mary just came off a riveting article on button collecting, so she is ready to pinch hit for McCurdy. Make no mistake about it… we are being lied to, propagandized and conned by liberal elites (like Mary) who make more money than they could ever make in the private sector, for doing the bidding of the liberal socialist establishment here. Going on junkets is just part of the reward system. I am sure he will come back with a fresh perspective on how we should hate our president and support the lunacy of the Democratic Socialist Left and the social justice warriors.


  2. I’m sure all those new visitors to Downtown will be rolling in any day now thanks to this award-winning marketing effort. Unreal! Of course, it has nothing to do with effective marketing…that’s for the dreaded private sector and their unusual interest in operating a sound business within their own means. The advertisement itself is about spreading around (our taxpayer) money to help keep government-led projects operational and friends of government employed. This is Tari’s gift to Bikey Mikey and the moonbats over at Connect Transit. We’ll sure miss him on Alt-Left Things Considered. Not to worry though, I’m sure Mary won’t have any issues reading the talking points provided by Koos and his pals.

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    1. Yes Mary came right out of her “advanced degree” to return to her Alma mater, so she is really smart. You know how those fancy degrees make you smarter… just ask Mayor Little Man?


  3. It’s NOT as if the buses are ugly enough, that they have to cover them in some of the most GOD awful graphic covers known to mankind! Not to mention, what with the easily distracted youngsters and Socialists of the present day, they are a moving distraction to them, which can lead to bad driving..
    And so the cross-funding continues. Downtown supports the disconnect transit with money that’s ALL taken from ???
    And meanwhile Mr Mike is in Europe, probably meeting with Russian spies inquiring as to HOW Hillary lost the last election, even though the “fix” was in..
    Or maybe he’s picking up travel pamphlets for the next Mayors convention …

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