ObamaCare: Media spin

by:  Diane Benjamin Yes, today is supposedly the last day to enroll in ObamaCare.  The media tells people armageddon will occur if you don’t comply and Get Covered. Here’s the truth:  You will NOT have to pay penalties unless you get a tax refund!  You won’t get a bill, the IRS won’t put a lien […]

Millionaires Tax: Madigan not so smart

by:  Diane Benjamin “Tax the Rich” has been the mantra of Democrats for way too many years.  It works for them because average people don’t understand economics.  They fail to understand that “RICH” people employ other people.  Average citizens also fail to understand that “RICH” people can live anywhere they want.  If they are constantly […]

Bloomington: Somebody needs to explain this!

by:  Diane Benjamin The following is from Book 1 of the Proposed budget – the one that was $11 Million higher than last year.  See pages 48-49.  Click on either picture to enlarge. The City is anticipating a decrease in revenue of $14,008,375! The City has budgeted for a decrease in expenses of $22,683,662! First, […]

Bloomington: Where the money goes

by:  Diane Benjamin Click on the picture to enlarge.  The below is from Book 1 of the Bloomington Budget: http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=6393 Other Public Works has no explanation. How did parks go up to 62 in 2008, then down to 46 in 2013? Baseball fields, Basketball courts, and Tennis courts are great, but the maintenance money is always […]

Why are local governments funding pensions?

by:  Diane Benjamin Local governments across the state are buried in unfunded pension debt.  Pouring millions of dollars into pensions funds will not solve the problem.  It is more than obvious pensions are an outdated idea abandoned by the private sector decades ago.  Local pensions are controlled by Springfield.  If they don’t fund their pensions, […]

Bond Debt: Bloomington Compared to . . .

by:  Diane Benjamin Below is another page I found in Book 2 of the proposed budget.  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=6394 Normal debt is from “Uptown”.   Decatur debt was low until they started to redevelop their downtown.  A complete list of Bloomington Bond debt is available in Book 2.  Payments on principle and interest – just on bond […]