More on the HOCKEY spin – UPDATE

Update:  According to the link – John Butler took money from the Junior Hockey team wanting to locate in Bloomington without Council approval.  What if the Council votes to CANCEL the CIAM contract and doesn’t approve a Junior Hockey team?  If the 7 potted plants were interested in the citizens welfare instead of being buddies with David Hales – that contract would be VOID NOW.

by:  Diane Benjamin

The plot thickens!  Bart Rogers and John Butler own at least part of the Peoria Hockey team and the Bloomington Thunder.  They also manage the Coliseum.  According to this article – – they are behind on payments to the Coliseum.  Thunder Hockey owes the Coliseum $6000 for every game as a lease payment.  No information is available as to how far behind they are.

Rodgers and Butler are in default on paying the Coliseum and Bloomington taxpayers because the gate receipts don’t cover the cost!

The Junior Hockey League is giving them the money to cover the back rent and a deposit for next year:

Arena management required payment in full of all back rent, and an additional deposit of $25,000.00 toward next seasons rent that was to be payable within the next ten days.

It looks like City Manager David Hales is not going to break the contract with Rodgers and Butler:

“The new arrangement will return them to focusing primarily on operation and management of the Coliseum and allow new ownership to take over the hockey team,” said Hales.

I wonder if Hales will finally start providing oversight for the taxpayers?  What percent of the money coming in are Rogers and Butler going to record as their commission?

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