Normal could have a 10 minute meeting Monday!

By:  Diane Benjamin With virtually nothing on the agenda Normal might be back to a short meeting.  I don’t expect that trend to continue unless they are completely out of money and just not telling anyone.  Monday would be a great time for off-agenda Public Comment – lots of them!  Koos has the time to […]

UPDATE:  Normal’s illegal code

The Open Meetings Act applicable section was amended effective 1/1/2013.  That’s more than 7 years ago! _____________________ By:  Diane Benjamin The Town of Normal under the current leadership prefers to make up their own laws.  The most obvious example is their illegal public comment policy. Here’s another one:—Council-Meetings-and-Ordinances?bidId= What does the Open Meetings Act […]

Connect Transit – Year End

By:  Diane Benjamin The CT Board held a meeting on 7/28/2020.  No financial information was included in the packet because June was the end of their fiscal year. That doesn’t mean other information wasn’t included in the packet: PDF page 3 shows customers were down 13.6% for the year July 1, 2019 – June […]

League of Women Voters are too biased to participate in elections

By:  Diane Benjamin Undo police scrutiny?  Poor investigative techniques?  Does the LWV want the police defunded to go along with their left wing bias? Obviously nobody at the LWV bothered to listen to the audio of the body cam: Short version: Entire Interview: Thanks for proving you are democrats or worse LWV.  We […]

UPDATE: Is the Illinois GOP responsible for this?

I talked to Connie Beard, Chair of the McLean County Republican Party.  This is a local effort to counter the democrats who are doing the same thing.  No voter fraud here folks. By:  Diane Benjamin Republicans around the State of Illinois should be calling for the immediate resignation of GOP Party Chair Tim Schneider if he […]

Part 2: Is remote learning racist?

By:  Diane Benjamin One thing that bothered me about the previous story was no mention the role parents play in education – especially if kids are expected to learn from home.  See that story here: After I posted that story I received a comment from a local teacher.  The comment is used with permission […]

Update: Is remote learning racist?

Don’t miss Part 2: If you believe most low income people belong to minority groups, then how can remote learning not be racist?  These are the kids being hurt the most! Remote schooling leads to a ‘shocking’ disparity between rich and poor students Excerpts: While many school-aged children were disadvantaged and lacked the […]

Susan Kalter: Explain your meeting to the Attorney General

By:  Diane Benjamin See previous stories: Today I was notified by the Public Access office of the Attorney General they are going to investigate whether the first faculty meeting violated the Open Meetings Act. Excerpts: See the entire document I received:  63926 FI Letter When Kalter or ISU responds the Attorney General’s office […]

Tari thinks Aldermen work for him

By:  Diane Benjamin As if it isn’t already ridiculous that Tari puts time limits on your elected representatives, now he doesn’t want them pulling items from the Consent Agenda.  Maybe he’s taking lessons from Chris Koos. Tari was upset Donna Boelen pulled two items, he claims Consent Agenda items have no need to be discussed.  […]

Voting by Mail? I’m not!

By:  Diane Benjamin Last week the Kathy Michael, McLean County Clerk, and Tim Mitchell, Executive Director of the Bloomington Election Commission, issued a joint Press Release. Note:  If you had voted to abolish BEC when you had the chance there wouldn’t be TWO now!  (No, I’m not letting you forget) You will be getting a […]

Why Alcohol shouldn’t be allowed in One Normal Plaza

By:  Diane Benjamin One Normal Plaza is a tranquil park like setting.  It is the site of the Soldiers and Sailors Home were many kids grew up.  If you haven’t driven through the area, please do.   Everything about this should be preserved for future generations. The Town of Normal staff have proposed zoning changes allowing […]

Bloomington Fun for tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin Source: I bet you thought gas taxes went to fixing roads, not if it can be diverted to other expenses:   Sewage backed up in their house after repairs to a water main break went bad: Remember the $172 MILLION Water plan discussed last week? Tonight the plan is on the Consent […]

Before Carrillo makes up more history: It isn’t unusual for the Cancel Culture to get their facts wrong, Columbus just might be one of them.  Of course, Jenn won’t care – canceling history is popular in her circles.  She mentioned at the last Council meeting she will make changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s day a Council initiative. Excerpts: Read […]

In Support of Art and Camille Taylor 3.0 – the entire police interview

By:  Diane Benjamin See all previous stories: and here: This incident had NOTHING to do with race – Art and Camille Taylor made it about race. Not In Our Town jumped at the chance to accuse Trump supporters of racism.  The entire video proves race played no part except to the Taylor’s.  See […]

BREAKING: In Support of Art and Camille Taylor 2.0: The un-redacted truth

By:  Diane Benjamin See both previous stories at this link: . Art Taylor, in his four-page screed complaining of his treatment during the incident closes with this: Not being accorded the respect of the “benefit of the doubt” is what hurts the most, and that is why citizens of color feel like there are […]

What about Landlords Pritzker?

By:  Diane Benjamin People have been emailing Public Comments to the Bloomington City Council instead of calling in.  I’ve always considered Public Comment for the PUBLIC, not for the elected officials.  Most hardly pay attention.  Meanwhile citizens like hearing what other citizens have to say to elected officials. I FOIA’d these comments for 6 meetings.  […]

The Vets don’t agree with Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin At last Monday’s Bloomington Council meeting Ryan Whitehouse, Connect Transit Board Chair, declared transportation to the Veterans Clinic isn’t a problem. Veterans do not agree.  No one coordinated construction of the facility with Connect Transit, Bloomington should have made sure transportation would be adequate.  Economic Development must only  matter downtown. As […]

Normal: Your elected officials are immaterial

By:  Diane Benjamin Executive Orders used to at least be signed by Chris Koos.  No longer! Now the Town of Normal is issuing edicts from on high as press releases. Your elected Council Trustees had NO input and were not asked to agree or disagree. This is the latest:—extension-announced-through-November-1 Businesses affected by actions […]

In Support of Art and Camille Taylor

By:  Diane Benjamin Follow-up to this story: In spite of the title – this story is not “In Support of Art and Camille Taylor”.  Below is the heavily redacted video released by the City of Bloomington of the incident described in the previous story. Why is it vital to know what really happened? Art […]

More on Normal Monday night

By:  Diane Benjamin Besides Kathleen Lorenz proving she is unfit to serve as an elected official, lots of other things happened too.  In case you missed her rant: I hope Kathleen and the other Council members take the time to read the comments to that story.  The people supposedly “served” by the Normal […]

I bet you missed the premier of Lorenz’s version of SHUT UP STAN

By:  Diane Benjamin If you happened to watch the Normal Town Council meeting last night you might have shut it off before they got to Council comments.  You missed proof Normal isn’t government For and By The People, it’s for and by the staff.  Kathleen Lorenz went on a long diatribe condemning Stan Nord for […]

ISU: When you hear from the Attorney General just plead guilty

By:  Diane Benjamin I have filed a Request for Review with the Attorney General’s office based on this meeting held by Dr. Susan Kalter, the Chair of the Academic Senate at ISU: Part 2 was supposed to happen tonight to finish what didn’t get done last Thursday.  Tonight’s meeting has been postponed indefinitely, the […]

I’m a liar Chris Koos? (chuckles)

By:  Diane Benjamin The conversation is continuing on the post Chris Koos made to Facebook.  See the original story: Below are excerpts, Joel Studebaker got into lots of topics.  The one that interested me was the empty first floor at 1 Uptown Circle. Note Cheryl Gaines claims renting it is up to the owner […]

Seriously Mboka?

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington Committee of the Whole tonight: It looks like Mboka Mwilambwe doesn’t know the city is spending money taxpayers had to work for so the City can steal way too much of it.  He wants to give employees another paid vacation day! I looked at 2 of the latest union contracts […]

Re-elect Tari?

By:  Diane Benjamin Several media outlets claim Tari Renner is trying to decide whether to run for a third term. From his 2017 run for office: Remember Tari’s campaign chairman in case he tries to slide Justin in to replace him.  Fazzini is running for County Auditor, a good reason not to vote […]

Normal for Monday 7-20

By:  Diane Benjamin On the Agenda: Public Works got pretty close estimating this project: Oak Street Water Main Replacement Project bid:  Total Cost of $545,600, Plus up to a Potential $15,000 Bonus for Early Completion $590,000 was budgeted. Then they are way off on this one: 2020 Sanitary and Storm Sewer Cleaning and Televising […]

See if you support BLM after reading this:

By:  Diane Benjamin Who are Progressive Voices of Central Il? From their Facebook page: If you don’t want to overthrow our Constitutional Republic and replace it with an authoritarian government – you are not welcome in this group.   Still support Black Lives Matter? (VBNMW means Vote Blue No Matter What)

UPDATE #2: Looks like a revolt at ISU – an illegal revolt!

Kalter was defeated, those in attendance rejected her agenda, at least that’s what I hear! _____________ An email I received from Academic Senate Chair Susan Kalter: The Dr of (I believe) English is WRONG.  She called the meeting, therefore it is subject to the Open Meetings Act.  This is no different than Koos inviting 2 […]

Connect, the VA Clinic, and Chris Koos

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal Mayor Chris Koos isn’t happy with Stan Nord for doing a video showing how far veterans have to travel to get to the VA Clinic if they ride the bus.  See this story from yesterday: To Koos everything is political.  Koos obviously has no intent of solving problems, this one […]

Veterans dishonored by Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin Back in December I did a story about veterans inability to get to the VA Clinic if they must use a bus to get there: Nothing has changed.  Normal Trustee Stan Nord posted this video to Facebook explaining the problem.  He even measured the path disabled veterans have to traverse to […]