Payoffs – City of Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin

I am very familiar with one of the payouts below – it’s highlighted.  What caught my attention was how this was paid – by the City of Bloomington’s insurance company.  You will hear the results soon.

That got me wondering what else the insurance company pays for that we never see, the Council likely doesn’t either.  I FOIA’d payments for the last 12 months.  This might be a little hard to read but I didn’t feel like re-typing names, I pasted the list onto a spreadsheet and added the dollar amounts and reason for the payments

Obviously Work Comp claims are the big ones.  A few of the others look like lawsuits were involved.  The settlement with the Edgar County Watchdogs was because of a lawsuit, the City could have saved money by just handing over the requested documents.  The City agreed later they didn’t have a case and settled before it went to court.  (actually the documents claim Bloomington isn’t admitting guilt)  The Watchdogs didn’t make any money, this went to their lawyer who loves these easy to win cases.

You may recognize at least one other name on the list.  Page down to see the total.  Most if not all of the Work Comp claims involved a lawyer that had to paid out of the proceeds.

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11 thoughts on “Payoffs – City of Bloomington

  1. YES! I did, and I find that interesting, as I went to BHS with him and he IS one of the NICEST people one could meet, along with being fair, so I had to “ponder” that one.
    But HOW does a golf ball do $16,000 in damage? Musta been one BIG ASSED GOLF BALL!

    1. The guy lives across from the golf course prairie vista, He’s been filing claims since the golf course was built. He waits for staff turn over or new administration and then files he same claims over and over. Dig deeper

    2. That guy has been suing the city for years, he waits for staff or administration turnover. Files claims for Golf balls hitting his house and gets paid for the same dents ever few years, never fixes them! Lives on Hamilton Rd.

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