Bloomington Tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington packet:

O’Neil Pool demolished:

pool 1pool 2

If you have ever wondered why roads that look fine are being treated:


Reclamite extends the useful life of roads.  Maps of what roads will be treated are on PDF pages 127 – 128.

PDF page 152 –

Approval for a shopping center along E Empire is being rescinded because the developer has not complied with requirements.  This is included:

right fit empire

This is also on the agenda:

new department

If this department will be looking for the “right” fit it will fail.

Misc payments:

Coliseum continues to bleed taxpayers:

arena purch servcannan arenapepsi refund

Bloomington isn’t done outsourcing legal to Jeff Jurgen’s former employer:

sor out 1sor out 2

Remember this story?

This is being paid tonight, no idea without a FOIA what time period these payments are for:

pma insur 2pma insurance

More details would be nice, we likely won’t hear any.

One more note:

Remember when Renner proclaimed over and over for years the number of employees have been cut?

It looks like all employees are now paid bi-weekly.  This is on PDF page 3:

toral employees

That number include seasonal hires.  The report shows they worked 8,925 hours during the 2 week period.  That means around 110 of the 869 are seasonal – if they work full time.

Of course that means a lot of those job cuts have worked their way back on to the payroll, I estimate around 100.  When the financial statements are finally issued we will have more details.  They will be in no rush – the year end was April 30th.  We will be lucky to see them in October.


11 thoughts on “Bloomington Tonight

  1. Where to start? Business as usual here in Bloomington. Not sure if the forward-looking language about developing the soon-to-be-former O’Neil pool is wishful thinking or a tell, like in poker, as to future plans. If there is any future development you can bet there will be tax breaks and incentives, Tari’s developer pals will be lined up, and of course the ol’ “best fit” requirement. Speaking of which, does it surprise anyone that the E Empire couldn’t find the “right fit” tenants? Tari and his elitist pals need to stop micromanaging what businesses open their doors in Bloomington. (Beggars can’t be choosers.) They’d rather have no business than a business they don’t like. Let that synch in. Wonder if he’s protecting incumbent business owner pals or just has grandiose delusions about what businesses would want to come to the City. The Department of Economic Development & Community Development is likely just going to formalize what City Hall already does….give tax breaks to its developer pals, spends money on building government offices, and picks who can do business where, when, and under what circumstances.

    1. Considering the situation that Bloomington-Normal now finds itself in right now, this “right fit” requirement is INSANE and anyone who promotes it is also insane.

  2. Speaking of streets needing work.
    Hannah between Washington and Lincoln.
    Upon contacting IDOT, they say it is a city and county issue. Since it’s a U.S.route, it should be all 3’s concern. However with 3 government entities, there should be plenty of RED TAPE. Hannah could definitely use that surface extender talked about in the meeting.

  3. If that thin slurry applied to Washington St. through the downtown area several years ago was this C85 and Reclamite, it is an utter failure and a waste of taxpayer money. Also, where exactly was this proposed shopping center?

      1. Prime property, located on a main drag, vacant for a decade, and Tari & friends rejected it? What a bevy of buffoons! Bet if it was anything socialistic like Greentop they’d have been all over it. Just what kind of business IS the “right fit”? We need a definition! Or, is it like that Supreme Court judge from back in the 1960’s who, when asked for a definition of pornography, said he knows it when he sees it.

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