Government or Privatize

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve never understood why so many locals think their garbage would never be picked up if it was privatized.  Most of those who don’t agree are transplants who came from towns where garbage was privatized.  Most are appalled they have to pay the government monopoly to get garbage picked up.  Competition always […]

Chateau Hotel and Conference Center

By:  Diane Benjamin Start over folks!  The City didn’t just buy the Jumer’s Conference Center.  The original lease for the Conference Center was dated in 1987.  Documents from that long ago are not on-line, but I imagine they did what Normal did with the Marriott:  The hotel is owned by the operators and Normal owns […]

More Bloomington Brilliance

See the follow-up story: By:  Diane Benjamin Remember at the end of May when I reported the City owns the Jumer’s Conference Center? It looks like $3 million was sunk into it. So what is its status? The City is leasing it and getting NOTHING for it.  From my FOIA cover document: […]