Bloomington taxpayers were scammed

By:  Diane Benjamin Of course a feasibility study was done before the Coliseum was built.  It predicted Revenue of $7.1 million and expenses of $4.8 million.  Operations would easily cover the cost of building it. At last night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, VenuWorks stated the arena would never lose LESS than $500,000. Any […]

Normal’s short meeting again

By:  Diane Benjamin Although there are a number of items I could FOIA on Bills being paid tonight, I’m not going to. There is one item the citizens of Normal need to see: $90,045.67 was paid earlier in September $60,728.85 in July  PDF page 24 $88,020.70 was paid in June $46,333.57 was […]

Bloomington Council tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin The VenuWorks report is not the audited version, it is therefore immaterial.  Time allowed for the presentation is 5 minutes, included will be the fictional economic impact of the arena.  See PDF page 40: Financial information is on PDF page 39.  The loss does not include depreciation on the building which […]

Laws don’t matter again

By:  Diane Benjamin Churches are tax exempt because government wanted to make sure they didn’t use the Bible as a basis for informing their congregations about political candidates.  In 1954 a law was passed banning political campaigning by tax exempt organizations, specifically churches. Campaigning in a church means the church could lose tax exempt status […]

Pantagraph bias

By:  Diane Benjamin Sometimes the biased reporting of the Pantagraph is clear. Gee, they left one word out of the following: Chissell was just elected in March.  I’m betting she was the only person running, but doesn’t have the primary election results posted: Keep that in mind when Democrats say the […]