UPDATE: BHS: It’s Freedom OF Religion

Today we got answers.  The coach is moving to a school where God isn’t banned. ———— BHS may want to see this story:  Football-Coach-Fired-for-Praying-With-Team-Turns-Tables-on-School-District-n2203386 “Bremerton School District’s actions violate Coach Kennedy’s First Amendment rights to free speech and free exercise, as well as his rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, […]

The fun never stops: See this!

By:  Diane Benjamin The Illinois Municipal League has a conference in September.  The IML is an organization that hasn’t filed tax returns in decades, their top employees got themselves State pensions even though they aren’t State employees, and they lobby Springfield for local governments – and against the citizens paying the bills. See these two […]

Connect Transit Lunacy!

By:  Diane Benjamin If losing close to $10,000,000 a year isn’t enough, Connect Transit is now funding bike lights in Uptown.  Of course, the Town of Normal is footing part of the bill too – along with bike safety checks.  I’m sure Mayor “bike-shop-owner” Koos will participate too. That’s not the lunacy however! I can’t […]


By:  Diane Benjamin This morning a local radio host tried to blame anti-bike lane folks for the thumbtacks on the road that interrupted the downtown bike race last weekend.  I won’t embarrass him by saying who. Changed my mind – he just said it again:  Scott Laughlin. People who oppose bike lanes do so because […]

Secret meeting: the transcript

By:  Diane Benjamin I won’t have to file another lawsuit for the transcript of the Executive Session that Judy Stearns walked out of.  I now have it, parts are redacted.  A link is at the end of this article.  The meeting was held November 15, 2013. First, everybody in this meeting, except facilitator Lynn Montei, […]